Monday, January 11, 2010

Totals: Week Ending January 10

Another week in the books. I was able to try out running indoors via the Plymouth Soccer Bubble this past week (w/e Jan. 10).

This coming week I hope to find time for Stage 2 of the indoor series at Gear West. This stage is a time-trial up the Alpe D' Huez (2.5 miles). I expect my hours to drop a bit as I will be in the 3rd week of my 2 weeks build, 1 week rest cycle. But if the weather is good....who knows!?!?

Total Workout Hours: 9:05.15
Swim Miles - 3.07
Bike Miles - 74.08
Run Miles - 20.86
Total Days Missed - Two

Previous Week (w/e Jan. 3)
Total Workout Hours: 10:29.31
Swim Miles - 5.14
Bike Miles - 80.38
Run Miles - 18.41

January 2010 Numbers To-Date
Swim Miles - 4.49
Bike Miles - 119.07
Run Miles - 31.73

compare to last year

January 2009 Total Numbers
Swim Miles - 3.2
Bike Miles - 201
Run Miles - Unknown

1 comment:

Mario said...

I see you're still plugging away!

Total Days missed...? Lets spin that in a positive way: "Two days of recovery where your body got stronger & faster from the training" :)

My 2009 Stats should post later today.