Friday, January 29, 2010

I Can Run In Circles

One can half imagine they are stuck in traffic somewhere in Florida. You are stuck behind a Blue Hair who has left their left turn signal light on. You have been stuck behind said vehicle for some twenty odd miles. Suddenly, a lane opens up and you speed by. Only to find yourself blocked by two eighteen wheelers. One in each lane. Each traveling the same speed. You want to scream. You do scream.

Such is life running inside a domed soccer field. I'm only doing this because A) it's friggin cold outside, B) by the time I get a chance to think about running it is dark, C) it rained last weekend and then an Arctic Front moved in and froze everything solid so the footing is treacherous at best.

So, I hit the dome last night. I went late expecting it to be a bit sparse. Nooooo. Wall to wall people. You've got the idiots who think its important to still talk on their cell phone. You've got the idiots who walk nine abreast. You've got the idiots who allow their young children to roam free without any regard to the fact there is a man who is approaching the fifth decade of his life and is still hellbent on breaking the four minute mile who would just as assume run over the little tot and not look back.

Not that I'm bitter.

Here's what it looks like on the Garmin when you're all done.

And if you are bored and want to watch me run in circles for 4 miles, you can watch it here.


Adam Beston said...

I can't wait for monday, I get access to a 10 lap to a mile track for the next two months. Only way to get some runs in without the stroller, which is not fun on ice, and get the little one used to child care 2 hours at a time. Stay focused though and come spring just be ready to go.

Brian said...

Wow. 10 laps/mile. That's tight. I hope the corners are banked!?!? Ours is 5 1/4 laps per mile. And even that is damn tight on the corner but then the setup is more square than oval.

bwheat said...

Speaking of tight turns did you see Bernard Lagat break Emmon Caughlin's Milrose Mile record for most wins. Caughlin had 7 wins Lagat now has 8.