Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Off-Season Core Work: Stretching

This off-season I have made it a priority to try and avoid the Achilles and calf issues I was having during the '08 season. All last season my calves would tighten up in transition or on the bike. This was followed by a strained right Achilles. Then because I was guarding the right Achilles, my left ham and left Achilles began to exhibit symptoms. Of course, my runs really tanked and for most races I could not get under 7 minute/mile pace. Ugly.

My current stretching routine is as attached. These are what my sports therapist is having me do. And I think it is helping. Little time consuming, though. And, I hate stretching so for me to be doing these should be validation enough.

Rehab 1

Rehab 2

Rehab 3

Rehab 4

I also do deep massage (90-mins) every two weeks. My massage therapist has done more for my recovery in two months than all my other efforts combined. More than anything, the massage works. I added pre-day and post-day massages around events during the '08 tri season and those were tremendous in terms of recovery time.

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