Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blog Enhancement Updates

I've added several new features and links to the blog. Of note -

For those fellow Tri-Talk Forum athletes, you can now see the latest posts to that forum. You will see this on the right hand sidebar under "Tri Talk Forum's Latest".

For people on Facebook, you can now access my own Facebook page via the badge found on the right hand sidebar.

I have added direct links to two fellow triathlete bloggers. One is "Steve in a Speedo?! Gross". His last entry, Half Marathon; no, Quarter Marathon; no, 10K; no 10.25K Race Report! Whew!, is a must read for southern type athletes who complain about training or racing in temperatures below 50F.

The second blog is fellow Tri-Talker MHMarks. His "Where You Finish" blog. His recent School will be Cancelled entry is, ahem, a direct correlation to the aforementioned freezing blog entry. Give both blogs a bookmark and check them out.

Finally, right below the top banner I have installed a custom HTML quote generator. If it works as planned, you should see a random pithy quote that I have pulled together from the seat of my pants.


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