Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Not Rocket Science, This Years In Vogue Racesuit?

Could this be the racesuit everyone wants this year?

The Rocket Racer defies all the rules in design, technology and innovation by utilizing space driven materials like the 360 Stretch Fabric at only 140g of weight, Hydrofoil waterproof zippers and Vortex Technology. This suit is not only the fastest in the world but the lightest suit ever manufactured.

So to begin with, that saves about 80 gms of weight off a traditional speedsuit. And I like the look of the suit, especially from the back:

And the 360 Stretch Fabric material is suppose to prevent bunching, rubbing, chaffing......our most irritating friends on race day:

I'm not completely sold yet. At $200, I may have to wait to order. But I'm sure someone out there in tri-land has already bought one or at least seen it up-close and personal. Any comments from those who have?

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