Thursday, January 22, 2009

Intercostal Muscle Update

Back on January 5, I talked about a intercostal muscle injury that I sustained shortly after Xmas. I wanted to provide an update.

I was back in the pool this week and was able to comfortably complete work-outs of 500-meters and 600-meters over consecutive days. The muscle was a little stiff after the second work-out but I am on the mend for sure.

The sad thing is that prior to the injury, my swimming had been coming along very, very well and I was starting to envision coming out of the water in the upper 25% this coming season! Now, after three weeks with no pool work-outs it is if I'm back at square one. The endurance has suffered greatly. Still, I consider my self ahead of my 2008 swim training.

What helped the most were two things. One, Advil up the whazoo. Two, my massage therapist. During my last session she said she could feel a large knot indicatiing I probably suffered a micro-tear and while the muscle was most likely healed, it would take some time to smooth it all out. Off topic - she did say my calves were now "incredible".



Adam said...

You should do the Liberty Tri in Maple Plains. IT was only 80 bucks before the first and now 90. I would kill for that and the proximity. My giant state just got its first half and it is the equivalent of Illinois to you. Think about it.

Brian said...

Sorry, I'll be in Bismarck the day before. We have family there so its like a holiday/reunion/event all in one. You should think about that one! That's a day-trip from Missoula ;)