Monday, January 19, 2009

Bike Fit Now Scheduled

My complete Retul bike fitting is now scheduled for Feb 28 at Gear West. I'll come back and provide a report...with new photos shortly after. It will be via the Retul system.

Retul takes 3D measurements via infrared markers on the cyclist while cycling. The measurements are accurate to less than 1mm and are taken while the cyclist is actually spinning as opposed to a static measurement. These dynamic 3D measurements also provide data to the fitter which validates the changes the fitter has made during the fitting process. When you are finished you will have ultra precise measurements of your position. This process will also include my pedal positioning and stroke.

It will be interesting to see how much is adjusted. I'm thinking my bars can be dropped a bit. And I've taken a far deal of good-natured ribbing for my saddle....but I have to say it is comfortable. Last thing I want to be thinking about during an event is that my butt hurts or certain, ahem, parts are going numb.

This is a great tri-shop. At the end of last season, they searched and searched for a ZIPP blem for me as I didn't want to pay full price (it's the economy, stupid!). Here is what we finally found and what saved me $400.

Oh, and while I was there....I picked up the new 5.5 oz Nike Lunaracer flats. The salesperson laughed because she had to open the box as she thought it was empty.

This is the fastest and lighest racer I've ever had the pleasure to wear.


Adam said...

That retul should really help. I always wonder how much equip change they suggest (like crank length change) let me know. I can't wiat to get a pair of the lunars as well. Thanks for the link to my site as well. I will get a link page up on mine soon. Also I liked the David link and am def going to use his swim workout of 50 50's. Thanks

Brian said...

Adam. Thanks for the link as well. As far as DT's 50-repeats I may give that a try as well. My endurance is fine as I can swim 2000 meters without batting an eye but my speed stinks. My typical 50 time now is in the 43-48 sec stage. I may start with 50-sec, rest 10-sec and then see how long I can last! Let me know how you do.