Thursday, December 23, 2010

That Was Really Freakin' Scary: One Man's Winter Horror Story

On Tuesday I would hit the office, but due to the recent snowfall I opted to work from home. Temps nearing 30 which means ‘things’ start to thaw. What I mean by 'thaw' is the snow on the roof starts to run and if you are truly a unlucky person (such as moi), any ice dams in the attic. Anyway, I hear a ‘pop-pop-pop-sizzle’ and think, ‘what are my dogs into now.’

I locate the sound from my master bedroom. Sparks are flying out of one outlet. Pop-sizzle-pop. I cut power, remove the outlet and also run across the street to a neighbor who is a handyman. He is able to cut away the wall and cap the wiring so at least fire hazard is nullified. We get up in the attic. No ice dams but outside wall is wet. Just not enough ventilation up there. Heat is getting into the attic from below, even though we both agree the insulation seems adequate. But there doesn't seem to be enough cool air getting in to that particular space.

So come spring we’ll add in more vents, probably add in more insulation and see if there are any plugged up soffits. For now, all I can do is shovel the roof to keep it as clear as I can.

Had I not been home, pretty sure a fire would have started. So I got my Xmas present early in that regard. And that was my fun day on Tuesday. How was yours?

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