Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Product Review: Carbo-Pro

The Well Kept Wife™ made some very good Xmas gift selections for me once again this year. I make it easy for her being a tri-geek. She just heads to Gear West and she says it like walking into Cheers...."where everyone knows your name."

This year her personal shopping assistant was owner Kevin O'Connor, national duathlete of the year for 2009. Among many products he recommended to her was a energy source product called Carbo-Pro. This is what Kevin uses, which means it is a pretty solid recommendation. A 2-lb bag was $18.95.

Carbo-Pro contains 100% Complex Carbs (3.0 lbs) and is a non sweet (neutral flavor) glucose polymer, derived through a patented process that consists of D-glucose units linked primarily by alpha-1-4 bonds, having a Dextrose Equivalency of less than 16 (high molecular weight). It is low on the Glycemic Index (20) in comparison to table sugar. Carbo-Pro is a white powder prepared by hydrolysis of grains (corn/barley/rice). It's highly safe for direct human consumption.

This is the best carbohydrate replacement drink I have ever tried. When I first mixed it up I thought, "where did it go", as the powder simply dissolves into a clear liquid so you are looking at a bottle of what appears to be plain water. And with the neutral flavor, you aren't sure there is anything actually in the mix. You start to think of snake oil and other products where your money is simply poured down the drain. But that perception is quickly changed at the end of your first work out.

Packed with pure complex carbs, it can be mixed with any flavor of your choice. I experimented with Montana Huckleberry gel from Hammer. Second, you get pure calories, which is great for endurance athletes. Very easy on the stomach, loads of energy, easy for carboloading. Sustained energy throughout the ride or race. I was pretty blown away. And I am very skeptical about new things.

Truly a good product without all the gimmicks of advertising. This product works. I can sustain an energy level that I could never before for intense long workouts. I get a constant flow of high energy rather than others that spike for only 15 minutes.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Adam Beston said...

Thanks for the review. A lot of people think this is mutually exclusive to hammer products so to know that you like both of them is good. I missed the hammer sale so i don't know if I can bring myself to get their stuff on that principle so I was looking for something else. I also decided that Honey Stinger is the most awesome thing in the world since the flavor is just like this special honey I used to get in Kirksville MO that I would literally drink by the 1/4 cup before workouts. So I am have been thinking about Carbo pro, unflavoured heed, or sustained energy. Let me know how the carbo pro tastes when it gets warm. That is what I dont like about sustained energy and heed seems a tad better.

Steven Aesoph said...

I tried eeking by early last season on gels alone and bonked hard on a big group mtb ride. This sounds like something I could get into based on the "neutral flavor" description. How many sessions have you used it?

Brian said...

@Adam - Yeah, Lance has been using Honey Stinger now and talking it up. Been using the Carbo inside only (obviously, friggin' Tundra) but it really has no taste and is just like having room temp water. Some people have said it is sticky when it drips but I've not noticed that at all. I say try sample of all 3 and make a decision. I will continue to use HEED as well, but may drop Perpetuem.

@Steve - I have used it during 4 sessions. I know you got stomach issues (like so many people) off of Recoverite and I can pretty much guarantee you will NOT will this. You could use before, during, or after so in your case it could be good recovery drink. With Perpetuem, I would also have a slight 'burp-vomit' in a tri early on the bike and I think Carbo will eliminate that. I will be trying in true race conditions when I do my du in Houston 1/23.