Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Boy®'s Swim Meet Day Deux

The Boy® had a good, solid second day at the meet. On the drive in, we talked about his success on Day One and how we couldn't let our guard down as a result. We had to finish the job. As if on cue, BTO came on the car iPod system with "Takin' Care of Business". Classic.

He took the advice and went to work like a pro. So let's go into the recap of the three races he had.

50-Yard Freestyle
C Standard - :44.29
B Standard - :38.19
Previous Best - :42.58
Result - :38.66
With a bit more push off the block and better turn I think he would have gotten a B standard time. He made up ground on the first place swimmer in the last 15-yards and finished very well. As it was, he fell 0.47 secs short. Next meet for sure he'll get the B standard. The Boy® can be seen in lane four (from the left) in the video below:

50-Yard Butterfly
C Standard - :51.49
B Standard - :44.29
Previous Best - :54.48
Result - :49.97

When the the Boy® first started doing butterfly, a difficult and exhausting stroke, he really looked like his dad trying to dance. I don't dance very well. Um, Elaine from Seinfeld kind of dancing. Maybe not quite that bad but you get the idea. So to see him take 4 1/2 secs off his previous best and easily get C standard was perhaps the best result of the entire two-day meet. The Boy® can be seen in the second lane from the right in the video below:

200-Yard Freestyle
C Standard - 03:32.79
B Standard - 03:03.29
Previous Best - 03:50.50
Result - 03:16.10

I told the Boy® to just imagine swimming four consecutive 45-second 50's. He went out a bit fast on the opening 25-yards, but doesn't everyone? His splits came in at (approx):
  • 44.23
  • 47.7
  • 55.07
  • 49.1
His coach told him afterwards the most important leg in the 200-free is the third 50. That really sunk in and resonated with him after I showed him his splits. So next time, I know he'll understand the importance of staying even. But what an improvement from his previous best! Thirty-four seconds off....very, very happy about that! The Boy® can be seen in the second lane from the right in the video below:

Next meet will be January 8-9, 2011.

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