Saturday, November 7, 2009

Magnetic Field Update

Back in July, I did a report on the Trion:Z Ionic/Magnetic bracelet. Trion:Z bracelets are not metallic but are made from a special material that is infused with negative ion-producing minerals called "STAYERS" actually woven directly into the fabric. They are double-looped to enhance their healing properties. As it clearly states on the package, the "unique, patented Alternating North South Polarity Orientation (ASPO) increases Magnetic Field Flow to maximize the power of the magnets".

During the first few weeks, I could feel some extra energy. At the time I thought it could certainly be the product. Or it could be my mind wanting it to be the product. I first purchased a silicone model especially for triathletes who swim, bike, run and generally sweat twenty-three hours a day. I then followed that up with a two loops model, alternating current, more power. I even bought one for the Well Kept Wife™.

As August started I began to reel off some great times, doing very well in a number of events. Was it the bracelet? Was it my new training regimen of working hard for two weeks followed by an easy third week? Was I just peaking at the end of the season? Or was it a combination of all three?

8/2/2009: Waseca Triathlon
4th overall (134). 1st in 45-49 (6)

8/15/2009: Young Life Triathlon
5th overall (215 total). 3rd in 40-49 AG (27 total)

8/30/2009: Minneapolis Duathlon
35th overall (813 total); 1st in 45-49 AG (44 total)

9/12/2009: West River Triathlon
3rd overall (44 total); 1st 40-49 (5 total); fastest overall bike split

9/26/2009: Plymouth Firefighters 5K
3rd overall (297 total)

While I can endorse the product, I cannot say with certainty that my recent successes can be attributed to the bracelet. I can say this, I wear it 24/7. And I will continue to do so.

You can pick one (or several) of these nifty Trion:Z ionic bracelets for a song (I paid $26.95 including shipping) compared to other magnetic lifestyle technology.

If you have used a Trion:Z and have an opinion, please leave a comment. I'd like to hear what others think.

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