Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Gotta Get Me a Helmet Cam

From EverymanTri News:
Ironman Florida has long been known for athletes blatantly drafting (read cheating) on the bike. The course is pancake flat which makes for perfect drafting conditions for those unwilling to abide by the rules.

At this weekend's race an intrepid triathlete mounted a camera on his helmet during the bike portion, and documented some of the more blatant drafting.

Add a bit of appropriate music, and what you end up with is an interesting video that makes a strong case for changing the current rules to a stronger form of drafting enforcement as clearly the current system does not catch all the cheaters.

What say all you tri-geeks? Was this 'blatant cheating'? I'm not convinced that this could be categorized that way. I saw a very crowded portion of the bike race where people were jockeying for position. I saw people working their way out of being in a draft position. And I did see some obvious drafting. But when the road is crowded and the other lane is full of on-coming cars....and you have no where to can sometimes end up behind another bike. As long as you work your way out of it, I see no issue.

My question is, while the helmet cam video was way cool, how wise (read safe) was it for this person to also be taking snapshots with his digital camera. To me that's equivalent to the idiots driving while texting.

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