Monday, November 16, 2009

Looking at 2010

I've started to look at the possible race venue for 2010. These days, some of the top races reach their participation limit very quickly. Sort of like trying to get into a U2 concert.

On the right-hand navigation area I have started a space specific for possible 2010 events. My goals are simple: Experience a few new venues, try a event or two outside of the tri-state area, and run a half-marathon to gauge my potential for a future half IM.

Just this week I heard from John Larson, race director for Team Ortho. A while back I had suggested an idea for John for a 'series' type medal. Like wedges of a pie, you collect a piece of the overall medal by competing in each of the series events. Guaranteed repeat participants. Now, I'm not sure that I was the seed that planted the concept that John came up with...but take a gander.

Each medal is pie-shaped with stained glass in the middle. Once you get all four they interlock into a beautiful circle, displaying your accomplishments more uniquely than ever before.

All finishers for eligible races* will get a medal, but registrants for the Monster Marathon Series will also get a free Lucite base to help you display all four of your medals in 2010. The base will be available at the Minneapolis Marathon. All distances 10K and longer are eligible for medals. The two 5Ks that are eligible for medals are the Polar Dash and the 5K race at the Minneapolis Duathlon. You can find all the information, plus close-ups of each wedge here.

But if you want to be part of this, time is short. Final day for registration for all four races and to be included in the Monster Series is Monday, December 28th, 2009.

I might be working these four events into my schedule for 2010. It does seem early, but I can attest to the Team Ortho events being well-run and having great race day 'freebies'. Give it a thought, but don't wait too long!

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