Thursday, November 12, 2009

2009 Hammer Nutrition Client Appreciation Sale

The 2009 Hammer Nutrition Client Appreciation Sale has started! From now until December 17th, enjoy discounted prices on Hammer products when you order direct. Some examples

Perpetuem 32 Servings was $44.95 is now $35.95
Hammer Whey 24 Servings was $32.95 is now $26.35
Race Caps Supreme 90 Capsules was $47.95 is now $38.35
Men's Tri Skinsuit was $74.95 is now $58.50

And much, much more. Hurry up and order early as the products go fast. Now is the time to stock up and save.


cdnhollywood said...

My Visa card will never forgive you.

Brian said...

Yes, I know. Everyone sends me a 'hate mail' every time I alert about the sale each year. But you won't see this prices again....for another year! And you know you'lll use the stuff!

Adam Beston said...

Hey, when you order from them you can put down your reference or something like that and then that person gets more off. I was possibly going to order but would reference you before I put it in. Let me know if you know how this works. We may actually go up to their headquarters in Montana on a trip to Glacier so I am not 100% but either way..

Brian said...

My Hammer number is 125694