Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday In Scottsdale

Yesterday afternoon I attempted a run in the fantastic weather here in Scottsdale. I had been noticing that I was now able to actually push off from the ball of my left foot while walking. So why not try a run ?

I lasted about three blocks. The Achilles just was not in a proper place. If this is tendonitis it is a severe case. I know some cases of Achilles tendonitis can be a six week course. I'm now at two weeks and counting.

I have been swimming here in the lap (adult pool). They have one lane dedicated to laps. It is wonderful swimming outside. Strange because I'm working out while very white and very, ahem, overweight people lay beached on their chairs wondering what 'that fool is doing' while sipping on their sixteen cocktail before noon.

Our Sunday morning plan is a family hike to the summit of Lookout mountain and then a longer walk on its circumference trail to look at wildlife and flora. Two years ago we did Camelback....even The Boy who was only six. Have a wonderful Sunday wherever you may be.

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Borsch said...

I think I have to stop reading your blog for a is making me anxious for a vacation. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow and you are enjoying some beautiful weather...come back and enjoy the snow. :P