Saturday, March 14, 2009

Guinness, Harp, & a 5K (Updated with Recap)

Pre-race report for the 100% Irish For a Day 5K run.

At 6am it was a balmy 22-degrees. It is expected to be closing in on a sweltering 26-degrees by the time the event starts at 9am. Should I go short-sleeve or stick with long-sleeve?

Just for the hell of it, I checked the local temperature for Scottsdale, where I & the family will be vacationing in twelve days time. It's 54-degrees there. That would have been lovely for this event.

Well, the left Achilles is still sore. We'll see what happens. If nothing else I have the post race Beer Party to look forward to. Each eligible participant will receive one free 10oz Finnegan's Beer. I may even purchase additional beer for $3 each. The Beer Party begins at approx. 9:45. Somehow, that doesn't seem real appetizing at the moment.

After this race, I will have six weeks to get ready...and hopefully be injury free...for the start of the real season. The Winter Begone Duathlon actually falls on my 48th birthday this year. To say I am targeting that race is an understatement.

Time for a pint. Guinness, It's not just for breakfast anymore...


Well, that was pathetic. I guess for putting in a total of 8 miles in the last two weeks I should be happier. But still. This is getting disheartening.

Mile 1: Went out at 6:23. Perfect. Just where I wanted to be. Achilles was moaning but not barking. I was feeling like I could crack sub 20-min 5K which is what I should be doing. In my sleep. Without even trying. Kudo's to the race director who came up right before the start and told the guy pushing a double-wide baby stroller to get to the back and 'don't even think about" toeing the line with the front-runners. Christ Almighty, some people don't have a clue.

Mile 2: As the Irish (Father Ted rules!) say when upset, "Arse and Feck." Put in a 7:09 split here. Couple of reasons. One, the road was getting hit by sunlight and the temperature was right at freezing. So the moisture was starting its ugly freeze-thaw cycle. There was no traction. The best we could do was either slip-and-slide in the middle of the road or, as I did, move to the left shoulder and run on the grit and hope for the best. Second, the ten-miler racers had left 5-minutes before us. And now we were having to play dodge 'em with the weekend warriors who were out for there recreational jog which is more like a friendly conversational fast walk. And they were shoulder to shoulder. During a downhill portion that was especially icy, one person went all Genghis Khan and took out a few people like a bowling ball. So, I had hoped to pass the 2-mile mark at 13-minutes and fell short at 13:32 due to poor road conditions and heavy traffic. Jeez! That sounds familiar!

Mile 3: With the leisure suit types mainly out of the way, I was able to pick it back up and did mile three in 6:29. Any chance for a sub-20 was already out the door and the left Achilles was now an issue. My running gait was now a goofy looking land on the toe for the right foot and then flat-footed for the left. I decided not to push it into the finish and just floated in best I could.

Unofficial time: 21:03

Kudo's to Team Ortho & Marathon Sports for yet another great event! It was nice to finally meet Mr. John Larson, a truly great race director. I don't know where he finds the time.

As stated previously, I have six weeks until my next event. I have to get this Achilles issue taken care of and at this point, I am considering taking the next week completely off from running. I'll lose valuable mileage. And the weather next week is suppose to be in the upper 40's & lower 50's. Which would have been nice to enjoy. For sure, I'm taking the rest of the weekend off from running. Maybe things will look better on Monday.

Where's the beer?


Borsch said...

Good luck today! Crack a beer for me and put one on your achillies.

Hope I see you at the Winter Begone! I'm targeting this race for a bike PR. Last year I had a 13.5 average...this year I'd like a 20mph average.

Have a good weekend.

Brian said...

Jon, thx...the icy beer on the Achilles sounds like a solid plan! The real reason I'm targeting the WBG due is last year I missed the turn-around for the bike. Hard to fathom but I blew right by it and end up riding the long-course bike! I figure I could have finished top three overall for the short-course. Totally blew it. This year, I'm driving the course the day before. Can't have that happen again!

Vagabond said...

Good Luck Brian!!

Bill said...

Hey Brian, I looked for you at the event but didn't see you at the start or finish. I finished in an expected 30:15 just short of where I wanted to but with the icy conditions and the lack of miles this week it wasn't unexpected. May try to catch you at the Minneapolis 5K in May.