Saturday, March 21, 2009

Outside! Whoo-Hoo!

It's sad when you actually cycle outside for the first time in five months and you feel like you are roaring along at an unheard of speed and you take a quick glance at the computer and you're no faster than you were as a five-year old on your first tricycle.

No matter. It was fantastic to be outdoors on the bike today. I wore tri-shorts and a long-sleeved cycle jersey and was very comfy as the outdoor temp was 55-degrees. It was actually a bit too warm!

I strapped onto the ol' Cannondale Bad Boy, opting to leave the tri-bike indoors until the snow is completely gone and the roads cleared of grime and grit. I went for a 90-minute ride and headed for my favorite ride to the Baker Park area west of Plymouth. It was a nice 27 mile ride. It was simply nice to stretch the legs and be outside. To reach this area, I have to ride a small segment of limestone trail, which was a bit on the muddy side. So it took me a while to hose down the bike and clean off the shoes afterwards!

The ol' left Achilles only ached if I left the saddle so I just stayed seated when climbing. The quads were burning at times but all in all, I came into the spring in pretty decent bike shape. Just need to add on some decent miles and some hills in the next 30 to 60 days and I should be ahead of last year's pace.

And I can't wait to get back out Sunday. As long as the weather stays decent.


trimybest said...

im getting out for my first ride tomorrow! if its not too windy. i just checked the weather for sebeka and its supposed to be windy! up to 40 mph gusts! i dont wanna ride in that.

Brian said...

You could pretend you are doing a wind tunnel test and try on various gear and do studies on it. Oh wait, that's what David would do! ;)