Thursday, March 26, 2009

Arizona Bound

Winter attempted one last strangle hold on us as our spring escape to Scottsdale was under way. As the plane taxied the pilot announced there would be a slight delay to de-ice the plane.

Instead of flying first class as we did to London last August we elected to hold onto those valuable frequent flyer miles and pile into the rear, like tuna into a can of Starkist. And there wasn't one empty seat. Thank goodness for noise canceling ear-phones!

I passed the time listening to Drive By Truckers....Donald Fagen (Kamakiriad)...and classic Bowie (Scary Monsters). I got caught up on new technology via the latest issue of 'Laptop'. And I played lots of mindless Bejeweled.

Tonight we plan to go shopping for some oil paintings in the art district of Scottsdale. No Elvis on black velvet !!! We opt for little known Russian painters and also a up and coming artist out of Spain, Pedro Frailie. Nice way to slow down & ease in vacation.

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