Sunday, August 1, 2010

Totals: Month Ending July 2010

July has typically seen high numbers for me. No different this year. One has to make hay while the sun is high and the days long. While avoiding all the fun and eats this month has to offer.

July's highlight was the Cornman Triathlon in Gladbrook, Iowa in which I qualified for the National Age Group championship. And just staying healthy with no real injury to speak of.

Numbers for July, 2010:

July 2010 Total Numbers
Total Workout Hours: 46:19.11
Swim Miles - 13.63
Bike Miles - 454.68
Run Miles - 106.60 (7:51 per mile avg)

compare to last year

July 2009 Total Numbers
Swim Miles - 14.49
Bike Miles - 414.48
Run Miles - 32.95 (Achilles injury)

Last Month

June 2010 Total Numbers
Total Workout Hours: 31:39.51
Swim Miles - 11.48
Bike Miles - 317.79
Run Miles - 53.97 (7:56 per mile avg)

Upcoming in August

Aug 7 (signed up) - Columbus Duathlon, Nebraska (USAT) - Run 2mi, Bike 12mi, Run 2mi

August 21 (signed up) - Young Life Triathlon in Detroit Lakes - 1/3-mi swim - 12-mi bike - 3-mi run

Aug 28 (signed up) - Maple Grove Triathlon (USAT) - Sprint: Swim 0.4mi, Bike 14.35 mi, Run 3.3mi

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Dr. TriRunner said...

Looks good to me!! There's definitely got to be a LITTLE room for the goodness of summer though, right? The MN state fair is coming up!! ;)