Thursday, August 26, 2010

Running Shorts: Found 'em

The other week I had one of my old man rants about not being able to find proper running shorts. In short, the true split one inch inseam running shorts that I consider proper attire for running. Not the knee length crap sport companies are trying to pawn off as running shorts.

I'm back to let you know I had success with a company called Race Ready. The shorts are light, fit well, there's no extra material, and they run great.
I did have to make an exchange. My waist is 31-inches so I first ordered medium (30-33) but those were far too roomy. I could tell as soon as I held them up that these shorts run 'American Size' as in "can I super size that burger ma'am?"

So I exchanged for small (26-29) and they fit perfectly. So if you do order, you might want to consider going a size lower.

When I ordered the shorts I also took a flyer on one of their singlets. What got my eye about these singlets was they have snap fasteners built onto the product itself, eliminating the need for pins for putting on your race number. The built-in snaps on the singlet will keep your number straight and secure every race. I tested this feature as well and it works great. It looks like four snaps sitting on your singlet so outside of using sans race number the shirt looks sort of dorky by itself. But on race day no one will notice. See example below.
I recommend Race Ready for your running needs. Customer service is A-One. If you have any questions on the products, just let me know.


Mario said...

Brilliant! Bib snaps built into the jersey.

About the shorts. They still look a little skimpy to me. My favorite ones are some Hind brand shorts I got with my Aquaphor kit. However, I picked up a couple pair of Champion running shorts from Target. They're not long, not skimpy. Actually, I prefer running in tri shorts.

Jumper 2.0 said...

As I said before, I love my Pearl Izumi shorts. But these look interesting and I just may have to consider them for future purchase. Love the singlet as well. Thanks for the info.