Friday, August 13, 2010

Where Can I find TRUE Running Shorts!?!?

The other day, you may have pondered what I meant by this Tweet:
Dear sports companies. Stop making running shorts that seem more apt for basketball than running. Minimize, not maximize please!
Here's the deal. My favorite pair of racing shorts are reaching the stage where the elastic isn't going to last much longer. So I have retired them from every day training and reserving them only for future running races. Thus, I started to search for new running shorts for training.

I was astonished by not being able to find a pair of split sided running shorts anywhere locally. Add to that the astonishment that the current geniuses at sports manufacturing companies seem to think us runners want to wear shorts that are best reserved for beachwear. Or lacing up the basketball shoes for some hoops. I'm NOT sorry to say I refuse to run in something like these:

Why have running shorts evolved into this? Is it because there is a surplus of material available currently and we need to use it up? I don't get it. I don't want baggy shorts cut to just above my knee. I'm Steve Prefontaine, not Charles Barkley.

Here are my fav shorts. See how they practice the minimalism concept where the product is stripped down to its most fundamental features? This is the prototypical 1-inch inseam racing short.

 And, like all true running shorts are split at the waist to allow for full leg movement. A runners shorts needs to have this split feature. Longer shorts now trying to be pawned on us as running shorts do not fit the bill.

So I took a chance online at RoadRunner Sports. I've like their outer gear for winter training, so I figured they would be on top of the need for true running shorts. Almost.

The sizing is Americanized. Meaning, the short is cut to accommodate the typical fat, overweight American with a BMI above 30. I ordered the size per my waist measurement but the liner has so much room that I almost need to supplement the shorts by having a jock.

Plus, there is still way too much material. Look at the above photo as I hold out the extra, wasted, material that is incorporated into the short. Sorry Road Runner, but you let me down.

So my quest continues. I recently placed an order with RaceReady and I truly believe these will fit the bill. I'll let you know once I receive them.

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