Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Race Preview: Columbus (Nebraska) Duathlon & Shout Outs!

Event: Columbus Duathlon
Date: Saturday, August 7
Location: Columbus, Nebraska
Previous Results: First time at this event

This will be my third USAT sanctioned duathlon of the year. I wanted to try and squeeze in at least one, if not more, USAT du's before the season is over. So a bit of a drive (393 miles one way) awaits me this coming weekend.
This duathlon is Run 2 miles, Bike 12 miles, Run 2 miles. Run and Bike Routes. Run elevation info, ascent 26 ft and descent 23 ft. Bike elevation info, ascent 75 ft and descent 75 ft. Can you say "flat"!?!? I always hate to predict my times at an event I have never done, but for kicks and giggles here we go:
Run 1: 13:00 (6:30 per mile pace)
T1: 1:00
Bike: 31:51 (22.6 MPH)
T2: 1:00
Run 2: 13:20 (6:40 per mile pace)
Total: 01:00:11

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend, wherever you are!

Shout Outs!

I've been a little lax on my personal shout hopefully this will get us caught up. Sorry if I miss anyone! In alphabetical order:

Steve "Mad Monk" Aesoph - I gave Steve this new moniker as he has taken to barefoot running, shunned keeping stats or times, and mountain bikes like he has nine lives. So I suggested he take to opening a monastery for triathletes who need to find their inner self...and inner peace. And everyone knows monks make the best beer, something we both enjoy. Steve recently finished second overall at the YMCA Jamestown (NoDak) Duathlon. Both 5K run times were under 19-mins. If only he could do something about those girly calf muscles (green jersey).

Mike Fretland - Mike is having an impressive year. I'd vote him in as NoDak Male Triathlete of the Year at this point. Mike won Paul Bunyan Long Course on July 31. I gave him a little grief as his wife, Kailee, bettered him in total transition time. Maybe she can give him some advice! Mike also had an impressive showing at Chisago Lakes Half-Iron placing second overall in the 35-39 AG with a 04:43:18.5 time. For this, he received a dinner plate...I think! Next up for Mike is the St. Paul Triathlon.

Chris Hawes - Chris finished fifth in the men's 35-39 AG at Chisago Lakes Sprint. I believe it was his best race of the season and no one....I mean no doing more races this year than Chris.

William "The Professor" Jenks - I'll just let the following times speak for themselves from William's impressive finish at Steelhead 70.3. He and I are talking about racing against each other for the first time ever at Cy-Man in September. We're still working out the details on how much of a headstart he will allow me.

Mario 'Andy Schleck' Minelli - Mario completed his first half-iron distance at Chisago Lakes. He completed the course in 05:00:58.5 which was right on target for his goal. You can read about his race day here. Mario also finished third overall at the Waseca Triathlon on August 1 and had the fastest bike split of the for the old guys! That included a dropped chain....Andy Schleck style. And if you've been mulling over a RoadID bracelet or necklace, Mario has a savings for you as well..

Greta Simpson - You can follow Greta via Twitter. She has good suggestions for rides and training. She recently finished twelfth overall amongst females and 2nd in the female 25-29 AG at Chisago Lakes Sprint.

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Christopher Hawes said...

Thanks for the shout out and have a great race this weekend. I will be taking my first weekend of this summer