Monday, March 1, 2010

Totals: Month Ending February 2010

Not a bad February except that I didn't hit some of my mileage goals due to illness and heavy workload at the Real Job. Highlights were a 14-hour workout week the week of Feb 14 and the better than expected time at the Hamel 5K.

Also a highlight was getting 'My Story' published on USAT official web site. In fact, it is lead story on today's (3/1/2010) home page.

Numbers for February, 2010. All per Garmin expect where noted.

February 2010 Total Numbers
Total Workout Hours: 30:00.17
Swim Miles - 12.84
Bike Miles - 159.21
Run Miles - 90.77 (8:18 per mile avg)

compare to last year

February 2009 Total Numbers
Swim Miles - 9.91
Bike Miles - 224.55
Run Miles - 51.21 (Nike Plus)

Last Month - January 2010 Total Numbers
Total Workout Hours: 28:01.11
Swim Miles - 11.42
Bike Miles - 202.43
Run Miles - 64.23

In looking ahead to March, I hope to keep my mileage up even though I will miss some days due to business travel. In looking back to last year, I was out riding on the road on March 21. I just hope I can get out with the bike in March again this year and start racking up the mileage.

We'll be in Arizona from March 19-26 and I will be running a 10K on March 20...the first day of spring! The run is on unpaved trail so I'm looking forward to see what I can do with about 20-lbs less clothing.

Question for the locals - Best outdoor track to get in some repeats? Robbinsdale is closest for me but is always locked up and I hate jumping the fence. Anyone know of a local outdoor track that has public hours? Wayzata? Osseo? Does anyone meet as a group to do repeats (200, 400's, 800's, etc)?

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Christopher Hawes said...

I enjoyed your write-up on the USAT site. I like the comparison of your workout from this month to the same month last year. I think I will start doing that on my blog. Thanks