Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Bitchin' Camaro

I ran over my neighbors
Now it's in all the papers.
My folks bought me a BITCHIN CAMARO with no insurance to match;
So if you happen to run me down, please don't leave a scratch.
I ran over some old lady one night at the county fair;
And I didn't get arrested, because my dad's the mayor.
Doughnuts on your lawn
Tony Orlando and Dawn
When I drive past the kids, they all spit and cuss,
Because I've got a BITCHIN CAMARO and they have to ride the bus.
So you'd better get out of my way, when I run through your yard;
Because I've got a BITCHIN CAMARO;
And an Exxon credit card.
Hey, man where ya headed?
I drive on unleaded.

by The Dead Milkmen

The first new car I ever bought with my hard earned cash was a 1984 bitchin' Z28 Camaro with glass T-tops. I had dreamt about that car from the time I first strapped on a helmet at age four and sat in my Dad's sprint car (see photo below). He was the North Dakota Class sprint car champion at the time. You might say I was born into speed.

So, why am I writing about a Z28 Camaro? Last week I spoke with Gear West Triathlon's Curt Wood to inquire if he had any road bike in stock in the 51cm size range. He did some searching and had a model he suggested for me. One day later I was in the store, sat on the know that feeling when you try something on and you know IMMEDIATELY it is perfect...about five seconds was all it took to know this would be the fourth bike in my stable.

The bike is the Felt Racing Z25. Now you see the Z-connection. This bike will be known as the Bitchin' Camaro.

On one hand you want relaxed comfort, on the other you want blazing speed. Put your hands together for Felt's phenomenal Z25. This swift steed boasts a feathery ultra-high-modulus carbon frame and fork built with forgiving angles that deliver a more upright riding position for excellent comfort. Plus, the top-notch specs include Mavic Ksyrium wheels for easy-rolling speed, a compact crankset for flattening the hills as well as SRAM's innovative Red components for premium shifting and braking.

So, why a road bike? Let me explain. The current stable:

Bike One: a 1984 Specialized mountain bike. Weight, about 198-lbs. Uses - cycling to the video-game store with The Boy®. Currently on loan to Niece Number Two at local college.

Bike Two: Cannondale Bad Boy Ultra. The work-horse. Don't let this bike fool you. It's fast. Cycling out at Baker Park I often get road bikies attention passing them whilst riding the Bad Boy. Has been my daily training bike. Future now holds upgrading the tires to Fats in prep for upcoming XTERRA race. Special note - wondering what a XTERRA course looks like? Click here.

Bike Three: Cervélo P3. Pornography for the soul.

You know how men try to justify why they need a certain new toy to their wives? Well, when I explained this one to the Well Kept Wife™ my reasoning was one that I actually believed in as well. Look at the frame shape of the Cannondale...the straight flatbar. Look at the frame shape of the Cervélo and the aerobar.

During a typical training week I would use the Cannondale for the majority of the miles. I simply did not want to take the Cervélo out on the local roads with their potholes, rail road tracks, limestone paths, and other things Mother Nature can and will throw in your way. I would take the Cervélo out once or twice to the open roads of Baker Park and do my speed workouts but my body, especially hips and calves, would struggle with the different body position due to the change in frame.

With a road bike, I figure that transition will be more fluid. Less severe. Easier on the old body. I do think it makes sense. We'll see how the spring goes when I finally get out there to start pounding away on the pedals.

And besides, it is a Z. How can I go wrong with that?


Christopher Hawes said...

Sweet picture in the car. Sweet bikes. Very nice. I am shooting for a Felt Cyclecross bike by mid-summer and then a new road bike, probably a Felt, by the end of the summer.

cdnhollywood said...

My TT bike is a Felt (2008 S22). I tested it out against a Cervelo P2 and a Kuota Kaliber a couple years back in Lake Placid. Like you, as soon as I sat on that Felt it was like meeting my kindred spirit.

Surprisingly, my wife fell for that line and she bought it for me. :D

bwheat said...

That looks like a sweet ride!! I always say that you can't have too many bikes. I have a least one for each discipline. I don't have a cyclecross bike yet but I'm working on it.