Friday, March 19, 2010

Race Preview: Nun Run 10K

If you are reading this on Friday (March 19th) then I know it will give you great comfort that the Well Kept Wife™, the Boy®, and myself are en route to Scottsdale, Arizona for our spring break. If I have my way....we will not be returning.

On Saturday (March 20), I will be doing a off-road 10K. It is called the Nun Run and you can read all about the event from an earlier blog posting. I'm stoked.

I have not raced in a 10K event since February 19, 1989 when I ran a 35:27 (5:42 per mile pace) in the Straight Shot 10K in Bryan-College Station, Texas. Shout out to good buddy Tim Carroll!

I am not aiming to improve on that time. Those days are long over. It is now twenty-one years later. Some days it is a struggle just to make it up the stairs ;)

I am hoping for a 6:51 per mile pace which would equate to a 42:33 10K time. This is important as my goal for the upcoming Fargo Half Marathon...lofty and insane as it to go sub 1 hour 30 minutes....which is 6:51 pace. If I can't even do that in a 10K, even an off-road event, then I know I might need to rethink that half-marathon goal.

As of March 17, there were 145 participants in the 10K. Of those, 57 were males. Of those, 15 are in the highly competitive 40-49 AG. Guess I'll need to rely on instincts, guts, and luck to pull out a podium in the AG here.

I hope to provide an update on the results via Twitter on Saturday and do a bigger race update on Sunday. Wish me luck! I just hope I don't encounter a scorpion or rattler on the trail....but I have a feeling I'll be OK.

Note - I am also doing a fundraiser for this event. If you have not yet had a chance to donate, please consider a small donation to help out the Nuns!

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