Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Wife Wanted to Hose Me Down Outside (aka The Luce Line is NOT Dry Yet!)

Earlier this week, I got in my first ride outside. It was 59-F, and except for the wind (from the NW at 15 gusting to 20 MPH) it was pleasant. I was just happy to be outside on a bike. Really, really happy.

I had planned to do a 27-mile ride, taking me from my secret lair...connect with the Luce Line....then out to Baker Park. I ended up going just 22-miles. Two reasons for this:

1) The Luce Line is only partially paved. The rest is limestone. We've had a lot of rain and now the temps have everything in full-thaw mode. Scratch the limestone description. It was quick sand. So my pace was greatly reduced. I kept the cadence up but there were times when my speed as hovering around 14 MPH and I felt like I was moving in molasses.
2) The wind was pretty stiff heading out. Yeah, my 'outdoor legs' are not where I'd like them to be....but I had planned to cover 27-miles in 90-minutes and be back in time to meet the Boy® at the school bus stop. I knew at the 45-minute mark I would have to call off the planned 27-miler. I am a good Dad.

Here is the course: Note all images can be viewed larger by clicking on them.

Here is the status of my cleats afterwards.

Side view of the bike.

Over the crankset.

From the back.

And from the front.

Me thinks I'll give the path a little longer to dry out before I attempt that route again! But it was a lot of fun at the same time.

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MHarks said...

wtf kind of a bike ride is on a...i dont even know what kind of bike that is. def not a tri bike...jk good work