Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hamel 5K Race Recap

"To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

Sir Isaac Newton

Unless you are running a race in Minnesota in winter. Then, this is not true. One wonders if one is actually running on a bed of banana peels.

Actually, the Hamel Freeze Your Buns 5K Run held on February 7, 2010 had fairly decent conditions. Starting gun temp was 18 above (F), felt like 9 with wind from SE at 7mph. The roads thru 3K were dry and decent. The last 2K road conditions had a film of ice as we had turned the corner on this one loop course placing us on the north side of the shelter belt, and the sun had yet to work its magic.

You can play the race, via Garmin Connect here.

Goal: 21:17 (6:51 per mile pace)
Actual: 20:14 (6:30 per mile pace) official. 20:16 per my Garmin as I hit the lap button instead of the stop. Idiot!
Overall: Fifth (est, 150+ total)
AG Overall: First
Best Pace: 05:29 min/mi
Calories: 363

Mile 1 Split: 06:20, Avg HR - 169

I felt very good during the first mile. No calf issues. No Achilles issues. Nice and comfy. We were going out into the wind for the first 2K and I could not find anyone to tuck behind so I decided to separate as we went up a hill. I decided to separate as people had tucked behind me to take advantage of the wind. Yeah, a small pack of three to four youngsters were tucking behind a 48-yo old man. I was in fourth overall at this stage.

Mile 2 Split: 06:34, Avg HR - 180

With the wind behind us, I tried to stay loose and float. Really, no issues here. I guess I am surprised at my HR as I was not laboring. Still felt very good. Was passed and settled into fifth.

Mile 3 Split: 06:45, Avg HR - 186

As mentioned before, we hit icy roads. Traction was not ideal. Compounding the traction issue was a uphill climb. I should have broken 20-minute mark fairly easily, instead I did not want to slip myself into a pulled muscle so I stayed as controlled as possible. I was now laboring.

Avg HR: 179 bpm
Max HR: 189 bpm

Elevation Gain: 151 ft

Overall, I am very pleased. I'm starting to think 2010 could be a very good season for me. I have yet to begin to incorporate any speed workouts so to be running nearly under 20-minutes in early February is very good news for this old man. Extra layers of cloths, two pairs of socks (thin), and muscle tightening cold temps.....yeah, I'll take it.

Note - I finally got around to putting up my previous years results. You can see them on the right side navigation area. This is since I started my 'comeback' in 2007 after a significant, um, break from the sport. I think 14 years counts as a significant break. I'd have to really dig to post my tri-du race results dating back to 1987.

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