Friday, February 12, 2010

My Very Expensive Pee Revisted

I first posted this back in September of 2009 and just wanted to follow-up with an update as well as bring the blog entry forward for those new readers.

I have been using Hammer Nutrition products for two years now. I have needed extra nutrition and careful fueling due to my health issues (see My Triathlon Story for more info on that). In fact, if you are a member of USA Triathlon you may have noticed that story was recently published on their site this week. A very nice honor.

I have experimented with just about all of Hammers products and have mixed and matched the best time of day to take each. And I think I now have it nailed. And I decided to add up just how much this is costing me each day. So, without further ado, here's the tail of my pee.

Premium Performance Multivitamin (Costco, $13.99 for 300 tabs) - Every one needs a good multivitamin that is not too heavy on the minerals. This one suits the bill for me.
Regimen: One each morning.
Daily cost - $0.05

Vitamin D 1000 I.U. (Costco, $13.49 for 300 tabs) - I live in the Tundra where we are lucky to see the sun every six months. Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is produced by the body in response to sunlight. More and more reports are suggesting to take in excess of the recommended daily allowances. The RDA for children and men and women up to age 50 is 5 micrograms (mcg) or 200 international units (IU); 10 mcg (400 IU) between ages 51 and 70; and 15 mcg (600 IU) after age 70.
Regimen: One each morning and each afternoon.
Daily cost - $0.09

Citrucel (Costco, $21.19 for 220 tabs) - Citrucel with SmartFiber is smart fiber therapy that's been specifically designed to be less harsh on your system. It helps you get the fiber you need. As Americans, we don't get enough fiber. Fat, yes. Fiber, no. If you don't eat much veggies...add a fiber supplement to your diet.
Regimen: Two each morning and two at bedtime.
Daily cost - $0.39

Mito Caps (Hammer Nutrition, $24.95 for 90 caps) - This is Hammer's Anti-Aging formula with powerful athletic benefits. It improves energy production capabilities and aids in fat metabolism.
Regimen: One at noon, one in afternoon, one at bed.
Daily cost - $0.84

Anti-Fatigue Caps (Hammer Nutrition, $18.95 for 90 caps) - Anti-Fatigue Caps are designed primarily for ammonia reduction in long distance events, many of the nutrients in the formula are excellent for helping counteract everyday fatigue, even chronic fatigue symptoms (one of my possible health issues).
Regimen: One at noon, one in afternoon.
Daily cost - $0.42

PSA Caps (Hammer Nutrition, $24.95 for 60 caps) - The benefits of PSA Caps are to promote optimal prostate health and prevent or reduce prostate enlargement. Beta sitosterol, in addition to its prostate-related benefits, is also beneficial for helping lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.
Regimen: One at noon, one at bed.
Daily cost - $0.83

Boron (Hammer Nutrition, $14.95 for 90 caps) - The benefits of Boron Caps are to restore exercise depressed hormones, enhance bone health and osteoporosis prevention, and aid in prevention of prostate cancer.
Regimen: One at noon.
Daily cost - $0.17

Chromemate (Hammer Nutrition, $9.95 for 100 caps) - Simply put, this puts the end to the 3 PM fade. The benefits of are to enhance glycogen synthesis for superior recovery; improve cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels; and help curb sugar cravings.
Regimen: One in the afternoon.
Daily cost - $0.10

Race Caps Supreme (Hammer Nutrition, $47.95 for 90 caps) - These caps enhance energy and endurance. Idebenone, one of the cornerstone nutrients in Race Caps Supreme, is considered by many experts to be an important anti-aging nutrient, perhaps the most important one yet discovered.
Regimen: One in the morning.
Daily cost - $0.53

Endurance Amino (Hammer Nutrition, $29.95 for 120 caps) - Amino ammunition for your muscles. Endurance Amino is ideal to use after all workouts and races, and really shines (and is the perfect complement to Anti-Fatigue Caps) when taken hourly during training sessions and races that extend beyond two hours. Endurance Amino gives you a wide range of powerful amino acid benefits, without you having to break the bank.
Regimen: One in the afternoon.
Daily cost - $0.25

The following product is new to my regimen.

AO Booster (Hammer Nutrition, $29.95 for 60 caps) - With AO Booster you now have an arsenal of powerful fat-soluble antioxidants to provide even more immune system-boosting power to the water-soluble ones provided in Super Antioxidant. In addition, with AO Booster you'll also notice benefits for your eyes and skin, reduced muscle soreness and inflammation, as well as potentially increased endurance via enhanced fats-for-fuels utilization.
Regimen: One in the morning.
Daily cost - $0.50

One Month Total Cost (30-days) - $125.10
Annual Cost - $1521.75

Yep, that's a lot of money. But I can't argue with the results. Some select highlights from the 2009 season:

Waseca Triathlon - Waseca, MN
4th overall (134 total), 1st in 45-49 (6 total)
Note - Won AG by almost four minutes

Young Life Triathlon - Detroit Lakes, MN
5th overall (215 total), 3rd in 40-49 AG (27 total)
Note - Top 5 overall were all over 40, all Hammer products users

Minneapolis Duathlon
35th overall (813 total), 1st in 45-49 AG (44 total)
Note - Won AG by three minutes forty-five seconds

West River Triathlon - Dickinson, ND
3rd overall (44 total); 1st 40-49 (5 total)
Note - Fastest bike split

Plymouth 5K - Plymouth, MN
3rd overall (297 total)
19:31 (6:19/mile pace)

If you are interested in Hammer Products and want to give them a try, be sure and take advantage of their referral program. You get 15% off your initial order. Contact me for more information on how to take advantage of that offer. Email Brian.

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Adam Beston said...

If I only had one piece of training advice that I was allowed to give it would be to switch out the Vit D for Cod Liver oil since the bio-availability is off the charts and it is heart health as well. Note, fish oil will not do. Thanks for posting as I think supplements are still kinda taboo or shunned upon by many as you can see with Ben Greenfields responses on forums. Seems like you have found a good middle ground.