Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whoa There, Cowboy!

I did not set out to log 14-hours (actually 14 hrs 8 minutes 40 seconds) of workouts last week. It just sort of happened. I got to nine and a half hours and still had two days left so I thought, "I'll go for twelve." Got to twelve and had a day left and should have ignored the voice in my head and shut 'er down and taken the day off. But the Type A in me decided that 14 hours sounded really nice and who knows when I might have that kind of week again. The next few weeks are full of Real Job requirements and travel. So I just went for it.

Now, I'm tired. I have no enthusiasm for working out. I find myself wishing I would not have increased my hours by 25% in one week. I'm not hurt, mind you. I strained nothing. My late week runs (back-to-back 10K's) were really fab.

Fact is, my legs are feeling very good. But my mindset is very non-gladiator. Perhaps it is the February 'blahs' but I think I just sort if sucked my own wind out of my sails. I'm going to take a step back this week. We'll see how I end up the week: refreshed or toast.

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MHarks said...

everyone feels like this for the next 3 weeks, then spring break and time chang happens. Its the people who keep at it these three weeks and keep the miles going that generally come out on top early season