Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Upcoming Events

Well, the holidays were bad to me. Wayyyy too fat. Time to bear down and see if I can drop those excess pounds and see if I can start to get into fighting shape for the upcoming season. I have been training fairly consistently the last two weeks and trying to adjust to life with osteoarthritis in the left hip.

I've been a good boy. Instead of running every day, sometimes twice, I have been taking running free days and so far the hip has been OK. Of course, I expect this will result in some very weak running times in 2012 but we'll see what happens. Stiff upper lip and all that rot.

If you are in the Tundra area in February there are two events to consider and chances are you will see me there.

Feb 5 - Hamel 5K

A very low-key 5K in which there are no awards given. There is no chip timing so be sure to bring your own watch if you want to record your time. Click here if you want to see the course (Garmin) and read about the results from 2011. The whole Maas family will be at this event this year, a first. The race web site can be found here.

Feb 11 - Stone Cold Cupid Snow Shoe

This is yet another event by Final Stretch. I contacted race director Mark Bongers this week and he indicates that if there is a lack of snow the event will become a trail run. This is something the whole family is considering at this time. Per their race site:

This is the first year that Final Stretch has hosted the Stone Cold Cupid Snowshoe race. The course consists of a 3.5 mile loop winding through the trails of Terrace Oaks Park in the center of Burnsville, MN. The trails are normally utilized as cross country ski trails and will be groomed prior to and after the snowshoe race event. You can choose from a 3.5 mile one loop, a two looper for an extreme 7 mile race or bring your significant other and share in the fun and each do 1 choose who gets to go first.

The route is scenic and challenging with a good amount of hills, fast flats, and open terrain.

All races will be chip timed by Final Time using the Championchip timing technology. Chips must be returned immediately after your race is finished at the finish line chute. Fees will apply if chips are not turned in!

We will have access to the park pavilion, which is located just east of the parking lot. We are also going to have a bonfire just outside the pavilion near the finish area so you can warm your toes pre and post race. Hot beverages will be served for all participants as part of the registration package, and the park will also supply hot cocoa and other edibles to everyone at an extra cost. Snowshoes must be worn to participate. There will be no exceptions.

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bwheat said...

The snowshoe event sounds interesting, so if there is no snow they say it will be a trail run. Will you still have to wear snowshoes then? Seems like that would pose a whole different set of challenges.