Sunday, February 6, 2011

Race Result: Hamel 5K

"To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."
Sir Isaac Newton

Unless you are running a race in Minnesota in winter. Then, this is not true. One wonders if one is actually running on a bed of banana peels.

Actually, the Hamel Freeze Your Buns 5K Run held on February 6, 2011 had fairly decent conditions. Starting gun temp was 26 above (F), felt like 21 with wind from N at 8mph. The roads were wet from a combination of light snow that had fallen Saturday night and good ol' Minnesota salt that is used to keep the roads as ice free as possible.

However, in some spots we were running on that ultra slippery combination of light ice and slush. And traction was virtually non-existent. But it wasn't as bad as I had feared.

Probably the worst thing that happened was my beloved Nike Lunaracers have run their last race. This is like letting go of a cherished and valued friend. Weighing in at 5.5oz, these were by far the best damn racing flat I have ever had the honor of competing in.

Ultra thin sides finally blew out
The problem is, the new version of these shoes have had unfavorable reviews. The box is narrow, and the shoe just doesn't feel right. I tried on a pair about a month ago, and told the salesman to put them back in the box.

So, I have ordered....drum roll, please.......the Mizuno Wave Universe 3. All 3.8 ounces of them. Can't wait until they come. When I race in London on April 2, I hope to have these new flats broken in and ready to rock.

But back to the Hamel 5K.

Goal: Just have a good speed workout and come in under my race PR of 20:14
Actual: 19:14 (6:12 per mile pace) official.
Overall: Second (est, 150+ total)
AG Overall: First

I ended up leading the race thru about 2.3 miles. I had some people hang with me for the first mile and they faded. At that point I was all by my lonesome and wondering where everyone was. I felt sort of caged up and wanting to let loose. However, this was just a small race. Something I entered just to do a speed workout and not go all bonkers. So I just kept with the pace and tried to stay loose.

When we made the turn to head north, straight into the wind, I looked back and there was no one there. However, I spied a person in a red jacket that had not been with the lead group before. So I knew that person was coming.

I was wearing only very thin bottoms and just two layers on top (Under Armour heat wear and over that Under Armor Cold wear). Going into the wind I was starting to tighten up. Shortly after mile 2 I could hear footsteps. Question was: One person, or two? I didn't know until he came up beside me. It was just us two as we made the final turn for home with about 0.4 miles to go.

Now, at this point I could have gone with him. But there was no point. This race gives no awards. It does not go to any USAT ranking. I was content to bring it home nice and relaxed. I think I ended up like 16-seconds back of the overall winner. He ran a great race. My congrats to him.

Overall, I was very pleased. This might sound cocky, but the race felt so easy. So comfortable. I'm starting to think 2011 could be a very good season for me as I continue racing in my new age group of 50-54. My training times are so ahead of where I was at this point last year. I just need to stay on the gas and my race results should be even faster than 2010. I'm sort of excited.

I have yet to begin to incorporate any speed workouts so to be running nearly under 19-minutes in early February is very good news for this old man. Extra layers of cloths, two pairs of socks (thin), and muscle tightening cold temps and wind.....yeah, I'll take it.

Next Event:

April - Miles for Missing People 10k; London, England 10K run (me) and 2 mile fun run (Well Kept Wife and the Boy®)


Adam Beston said...

Yet, even more great work. Looked for local races at your sugg and am prolly gonna do an indoor tri that I will lose bc of a treadmill run and then a cadence bike. Basically the two worst scenarios for an indoor tri. Need a post about some bike workouts and some interval times so we can all keep you honest on the bike this winter since your run is dominating.

Mario said...

Nice work and a PR!