Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Smoothies and Blenders

I have been getting back into smoothies, especially for lunch. Now, I'm not saying making your own smoothie from scratch is a huge time commitment, but in this mad-mad-mad world of rush-rush-rush every minute counts.

In the past I have made a variety of smoothies from the book, Blend It, which has a ton of recipes. My favorite is The Elvis, found on page 26. 1/2 cup of milk, 1 sliced frozen banana, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, and 1 tablespoon of honey. Simple enough.

But new to the market is Yoplait® Frozen Smoothie prepared mixes. Yoplait® makes smoothies fast and fabulous straight from your freezer. They're rich in nutrition with real fruit, live and active cultures, calcium. You can enjoy 1 full serving of fruit with four great tasting varieties. Just add milk and blend!

My favorite so far has been the Blueberry Pomegranate mix. They are really, really good. Each bag has two servings. Just cut it open, pour half the bag into the blender, add milk and within a minute you have a great smoothie ready.

This week, our old blender seemed to be leaking a bit. And I could see smoke arising from inside the jar as I blended my smoothies. So, off I went to get a new blender. I ended up getting the Breville BBL600XL Ikon 750-Watt 51-Ounce Blender. 750 watts. It has 6 blades, not the standard 4. It even has two preset programs for ice crushing and smoothies.

I put the blender through its paces with the smoothie setting. It is really neat as it does blend and pulse at preset speeds. You can just walk away for a minute. The blender is very quiet. Extremely quiet. Only issue is there was leakage from the bottom of the glass canister even before I put it on the blender. I'm going to have to double check that seal. If it continues to leak, back she goes. A leaky blender is not good for the inner workings!


bwheat said...

I use frozen fruit to replace the ice for a little more fruit in my drink. They have a variety in the frozen aisle at your local grocery.

Brian said...

Update on the blender: The key is not to over-tighten the base. If you tighten too much, the silcone seal just bunches and you will experience leakage. If you tighten firmly, no issues. The key is not to over tighten.