Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two More Speed Workouts Added

I located two running events in March that I'll be using strictly for speed workouts. I won't be leaving it all on the course at either of these events but rather give a 85% or so effort. When one trains solo, it can be hard to find the motivation to dig deep for a speed type workout. Always easier to pace yourself when running with others.

Mar 12 (signed up) - Chase a Leprechaun 5K; Becker, MN

Becker is a small hamlet west of the Twin Cities more famous for its huge furniture store. Close enough that I can sleep in a bit as it is a 10:30 AM start.

Mar 19 (signed up) - Get Lucky 7K, MPLS - 7K (4.52mi)

I like the distance. Especially with my first international event, a 10K in London, two weeks later. A 5K-7K tuneup should be just about perfect. And a cool finishers medal.

I encourage all of you to find local events as well to jump into and use for speed workouts prior to the big tri season starting in earnest. You don't want to hit your first true event of the season cold. And you are helping the local community and these race organizers by supporting their events.

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Andrew Opala said...

local events with finisher medals is extra awesome!