Friday, January 27, 2012

USA Swimming Deck Pass App

If you have a youngin' involved with a swim team, then you need to have this free app. Deck Pass is the official mobile application of USA Swimming.

All swimmers, from state champions to summer leaguers, can track their times with the log book and even keep track of their personal goals through Deck Pass. USA Swimming members can also look up their times and recent meets, check their IMX scores, and see all of the Deck Pass patches they’ve earned.

Signing up for Deck Pass is easy. Simply create an account on If you are a member of USA Swimming, be sure to link your USA Swimming membership to your Deck Pass account. Just follow the prompts after you sign up for Deck Pass to link your account to your USA Swimming membership. If you wish to complete this step later, you can go to My Account to make any updates. I signed up the Boy® and indicated I was the parent. Within minutes I was reviewing his meet history. We have also started to set goals.

If you have any trouble setting up the account, there is a nice FAQ section here.

When you link your USA Swimming membership to your Deck Pass account, all your times from USA Swimming-sanctioned meets will automatically be updated on Deck Pass, so you can begin earning patches right away – or at least as soon as you compete in your first meet of the season. Also, your coach can award you patches for all the hard work you do in practice and at meets.

If you’re not a member of USA Swimming, don’t worry. You can still use Deck Pass. Your times will not be updated automatically, but you can keep track of your times in the Log Book and set goals with our Goal Setter.

Deck Pass Mobile features include:
- IMX scores, best times, recent meets and rankings
- Digital patches for your achievements at practice and at competitions
- A way to connect with your swimming friends
- A tool that allows coaches to award digital patches to their swimmers
- Your team's times, scores and ranks
- USA Swimming information on events, meetings, certifications and results
- A digital logbook to keep track of your times and earn more patched
- A goal tracker to set goals for the season and monitor your progress

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