Thursday, June 3, 2010

Race Preview: Buffalo Sprint Triathlon

This is going to be a short preview. I'm in North Dakota to attend the funeral of my grandmother, Lorraine, in Jamestown, NoDak. She was my last remaining grandparent. And at age 91, feisty to the end. She was a wonderful grandparent and I expect 98% of my personal snarkiness comes from her. She often referred to me as 'that little shit' and it was stated as a compliment. I will miss her.

I'll then be returning to the Twin Cities in time to compete this Sunday (6/5) in the Buffalo sprint triathlon. The sprint course consists of a 1/4 mile swim, 13 mile bike, and 3 mile run. There is also a Olympic distance event at Buffalo. This will be my first time at this race.

I am setting no goals for this little speed workout. What is more important to me is coming out healthy and with a good frame of mind going into my own Olympic distance event six days after. I'm just doing this to get my racing legs back under me post the Fargo Half-Marathon.

Looking a bit further out in June, my first off road triathlon (June 26) just got some wonderful news late this week. Per race director Steven Aesoph, there is now confirmation that Erin Kummer, pro triathlete for Team Timex, committed to race XTERRA Pipestem Creek!!! She's bringing a team car, handing out Timex and Powerbar shwag and doing a Q&A at the athlete social Friday night before the race. Erin was also the '08 XTERRA National Champion so chances are very high I will be getting chicked that day. If you have ever wanted to try a off road tri, still plenty of time to sign up.

Some shout outs:

To future shuffle board and hip replacement partner, Mario Minelli for his 2nd overall at the Med City 5K with a time of 18:32 (5:58 per mile pace).

To Christopher Jenks, son of the legendary Iowegian William, for winning his age group at the Bluff Creek Sprint Tri. As I told William, the apple did not fall far from the tree.

Good luck to all those competing this weekend!

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Mario said...

Good Luck at Buffalo. Oh, don't show up on 6/5. The race is on 6/6 :)

Du you know of any off road du's or tri's in the Twin Cities?