Saturday, April 24, 2010

Unofficial Results: Day One - Iron Mountain Stage Tri Event

Full write-up later - unofficial results:

8th overall (70+ total)
1st in 45-49 AG

400-yd swim: 6:44.6 (6:30 exit from water) 1:41 per 100-yd (1:37 exit from water). Note - DeSoto Water Rover is the cats meow.

T1 - 2:19.4 (400-yds to T1 from water)

13.5 mi bike: 38:43.5, 21.0 MPH average

T2 - 1:17.7 (shoe insole curled up on me, had to redo)

2.9 mi run: 19:21.2, 6:40 per mile. Note, was suppose to be 2.5 but they measured wrong and made apologies after race.

Overall - 1:08.26

Day 2, the duathlon, awaits.

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Adam Beston said...

Great all around race. I use a little roll of duct tape placed parallel under the insole (so it wont roll) and no more problems since that race. Saw the sneek peek on facebook of the rest but I like the long write ups so will comment then.