Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Events Locked In

As you may have observed, my blog posting has been down the last few weeks. I guess that is one sure sign that winter has passed here in the Tundra and I'm in full workout mode. Many others are as well. Shout outs to Adam Beston who took 2nd overall in a recent tri in Utah, shortly after his move there from Montana. Adam beat one of the two pros in the field.

Also shout out to Matt Marks who took 7th overall and first in his age group at the Iron Pig Duathlon in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Awesome job you guys.

Also some quick shout outs to Mario Minelli who seems to be back on target for the 2010 season after working his way through a mysterious hip affliction.

And to Chad Sayban in Arizona whose wonderful training blog had gone dark for a short while but is now back at it. If you have not visited his blog before, take a look.

I signed up for a few more events this week. And memo to the aforementioned Mr. Marks....I'm a'comin' to Razorback country. Bring on the Ozarks!

Some men celebrate their birthdays by getting wasted. Some by going to strip clubs. Me? I try to find a unique event to celebrate another year of life. And also to show the greater power that be that I still have a lot to give. Borrowing from Mr. Sayban's blog:

"Life is NOT a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: 'WOW, what a ride!!!'

On my birthday weekend (April 26) here's what I'll be doing. Thursday (4/22) morning I begin a to Arkadelphia, Arkansas. I'll arrive Friday afternoon. For what, you may ask?

The Iron Mountain Family Multisport Weekend. Here's the setup: On Saturday I'll be doing the Iron Mountain Sprint Tri which is a 400 Yard Swim/13.5 mile Bike/2.5 mile Run. Then I fuel up and come back Sunday for the Iron Mountain Sprint Duathlon which is a 2.5 mile Run/13.5 mile Bike/2.5 mile Run. In essence, it is a Tri/Du Stage Race. Not only is each race treated individually but times from the two days are combined for awards to be offered to the fastest combined times for the Tri and Du. Each is also USAT sanctioned. And best of all, former Texas triathlon and running training partner Tim 'Buckwheat' Carroll will also be making the journey to compete. More on this big weekend and the races as time draws nearer.

Some additional races have been added as well. So the 2010 Events/Results calendar (always found on the right navigation area of this blog) now looks like:

Feb 7 - Hamel 5K - 20:14 (6:30/mi pace). 5th overall. 1st in AG.
March 20 - The Nun Run 10K, Glendale, AZ - 41:32 (6:42/mi pace). 5th overall (195 total). 1st in 40-49 AG (21 total).
April 24-25 (signed up) - Iron Mountain Tri /Du Stage Race, Arkadelphia, Arkansas (USAT) - Sat Sprint Tri, Sun Sprint Du. Combined times.
May 15 (signed up) - Lakes to Pines Triathlon - 500 yd swim - 14.7 mi bike - 5K run
May 22 (signed up) - Fargo Half Marathon
June 5 - Grand Forks Duathlon - 3 mi run-15mi bike-3 mi run

Just added:
June 12 (signed up) - Liberty Triathlon (USAT) - Olympic Course - 1.5K Swim, 40K Bike, 10K Run
Note - The Liberty will be my first Oly in twenty-one years. I could not resist racing on my training grounds. Damn the distance!

June 20 - Bismarck Tri - 500m Swim, 20k Bike, 5k Run
Jun 26 (signed up) - XTERRA Pipestem Creek Off Road Triathlon - Swim 1000 meters, Mountain Bike 13 mi, Trail Run 5 mi

Just added:
July 3 (signed up) - MinneMan Triathlon (USAT) - 0.3 mi swim, 13 mi bike, 3 mi run.
Note - I need to return to Minneman to avenge my swim choke from 2009.

August 21 - Young Life Triathlon in Detroit Lakes - 1/3-mi swim - 12-mi bike - 3-mi run OR
Aug 22 - Mandan Triathlon - Swim 500 meters - Bike 13 mi - Run 3.1 mi

Just added:
Aug 28 (signed up) - Maple Grove Triathlon (USAT) - Swim 0.4 mi, Bike 14.35 mi, Run 3.3 miles
Note - Another event in my backyard.

Oct 30 - Monster Dash Half-Marathon/10-Miler

This will give me four USAT sanctioned triathlons to be able to qualify for a national ranking at the end of 2010. Three are required. So, as long as I finish three of the four I should be good. Wanting to do as best a I can in each, of course.

And with the one USAT sanctioned duathlon in Arkansas, I'll only need one more USAT sanctioned du to qualify for national ranking. If you have a great du in your area...I don't care where you live!...let me know about it


Mario said...

What a schedule! However, we've got nothing overlapping.

Adam Beston said...

I am waiting for you to hit that OLY distance. It seems like the perfect distance for your training. Have fun on your B-Day and see how many 20-24 year old you can beat!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out, Brian. I'm finally feeling alive again and I want to share that.

That looks like a great race calendar. I'm really looking forward to hearing how all of it comes together with your training. Rock on!