Monday, April 26, 2010

Product Placement & Coming Later this Week

When I have had ample time to catch-up I will provide a full race report from my Arkansas adventure. After combining the triathlon time from Saturday's race (1st in 45-49 AG, 8th overall) with the duathlon time from Sunday (1st in 45-49 AG, 7th overall) in the Iron Mountain Stage event, I took first place honors in the Master's category.

Until then, you have two things to tide you over. First, I tried to do a little product placement while there. I wonder if anyone at Gear West will notice and give me a substantial marketing contract so I quit my day job and do tri's full-time?

Brian tries his hand at product placement.

Second, a short little video showing you the weather conditions the night before day one of the tri-du stage 2-day event and me picking up my AG 1st place award after the tri.

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