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Race Result: 2013 Minneapolis Duathlon

Event: Minneapolis Duathlon
Date: Sunday, August 25, 2013
Location: MPLS MN
Hotel: Home, sweet home
Weather: 81F, winds at 16-17 MPH from SSW, heat index of 84 (humidity at 70%)
Official Results: Overall 2013 Text Results
Previous Personal Results: 2009 (35th out of 814; 1st in 45-49 AG out of 44)

Personal Results

Goal: Top 3 in AG
Overall: 27th (572 total); 1st in 50-54 AG (31 total)


I used the 910XT in a race for the first time. I attempted to use the multi-sport mode, but it ended up taking mile splits....which screwed up the separate event times. I'll have to read deeper into the manual to try and figure this out.

Direct Garmin Summary Link

Elevation and HR

First 5K splits

Second 5K Splits

Race Summary

I did this race just to get in a speed workout as I've only been seriously training the last few weeks ever since resigning from my job. My bike is still really slow, as shown in this race. Back in 2009 I averaged 22 MPH. Only was able to muster 20.5 on the same course this time around.

As in 2009, the race was chock full of newbies. There were hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, and even some single speed bikes. So I had made sure to sign-up in the elite wave so that I could start in Wave 1 and avoid the maddening bike traffic jams that would ensue by starting in a later wave.

This also had the added benefit of being ahead of the heat. As the race was called due to heat shortly after I finished. I had never heard of a 'wet bulb' temperature, but glad they were monitoring it. Speaks volumes for what I raced in and why times were slow. I felt worse on the 1st run than the second, actually.

"The wet bulb temperature at the finish line of the Minneapolis Duathlon reached 84 degrees. It is the policy of the Medical Director to call the run when the wet bulb temperature exceeds 79 degrees. For runner safety, the start of the second run was just halted. Duathletes will now receive their finisher medals at the end of the bike. Although this decision was difficult to make, it was made for the safety of the racers."

All-in-all, I was happy to have gotten in a good workout.

I really question some of the results. I listed myself as 27th, as there is no way that the person listed ahead of me could have a slower first run by 10-mins, a slower bike by 4-mins, yet still end up ahead of me in final time. That essentially means he ran his last 5K in 10-mins. Not. Humanely. Possible.

Run One (3.1 miles; Garmin said 3.03)
Goal: sub 6:30 pace
Time: 21:12 (6:50 per mile pace)

The course was long. My actual pace was much faster (see Garmin summary). By mile 2, I was already feeling the heat. Well, the humidity. Just was not able to sweat fast enough in order to cool. I was glad I had remembered the water bottle for the bike. Otherwise, I would have been screwed.

Transition One
Goal: 1:10
Time: 1:40

Sort of a long stretch from the timing mat to the bike corral, so I'm not worried about being over my goal.

Bike (15.9 miles)
Goal: 20.5 mph avg
Time: 46:29 (20.4 MPH Avg)

The bike was OK. What was most pleasing is that I did not cramp up in the calves. I was worried about this since I had not raced since May, and figured I'd be dehydrated enough to experience some cramps. But , I lucked out.

Transition Two
Goal: 1:10
Time: 2:23

Even longer than the first transition. Not sure I've ever run that far in my bike cleats. I was tempted to just stop running and take them off, but kept on trucking.

Run Two (3.1 miles; Garmin said 3.03)
Goal: sub 6:50 pace
Time: 21:42 (7:02 per mile pace)

The right hamstring was very tight and ready to cramp up as I began the run. By mile 1, I was able to open up a bit more. But I stayed within my limits as the heat was really starting up.

Next Race

September 14 - Park Tool "Fall Classic" Duathlon

On Deck

September 21 - Trees and Trails 5K


Christopher Hawes said...

Congrats on the AG win. I have never heard of "wet bulb" temperature either. Interesting.

Shinianen said...

I'd never heard of a Wet Bulb, either! LOL! Hence my recap title for that race. Fun to see another local racer blogging online. Cheers!