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Race Result: 2013 Becker Chase a Leprechaun 5K

Event: Becker Chase a Leprechaun 5K
Date: Saturday, March 9, 2013
Location: Becker Community Center, Becker
Hotel: Home, sweet home
Weather: 35F, light winds at 4-6 MPH from SW, rain
Official Results: Typically posted temporarily
Previous Results: 2011 - 19:36 (2nd overall); 2012 - 18:51 (4th overall)

Personal Results

Goal: Sub-20 minutes
Actual: 20:20 (6:32 per mile pace)
Note: Per Garmin, course was long at 3.17 miles which equates to 19:55 true 5K (6:25 per mile pace)
Overall: 8th (100 total); 3rd in 50-59 AG (7 total)

Myself with my 'running daughter', Mary Franke, looking all tough prior to the race


Garmin Results

Wanted to be faster, but splits are better than the last race. And the opening 6-flat was pleasing. Still, for a guy used to running 5:55-6 pace for a 5K, I have a ways to go as I get back into shape after the long layoff from the tibial stress fracture.

The 5 feet of total elevation gain was 'daunting'. The 181 avg HR & 187 max is telling

GoPro Video: 

2013 Becker 5K from Brian Maas on Vimeo.

Mile One (6:00)

Hey, I was just glad to be at this event. My Real Job has severely cut into my training the last two weeks. And recall that left tibial stress fracture from last year? Well, now the right one is feeling similar. Only with the right, massage and compression seems to be helping. It actually felt fine after this race. So, maybe it is muscle tissue and not the tibia. Another week and hopefully it goes away. The fact that I could go out in a 6:00 is the real positive I carry away from the race. The stamina to click off sub 6:10 pace consistently through a 5K will come. I need to remember to stay patient, and slowly build up the miles. I do not want to be out for over 9 months again.

I had the added bonus of running with Mary Franke today. She is the daughter of my son's swim team coach, Tom Franke. Tom has given so much to my son that it is a pure pleasure to reciprocate in turn. You'll recall Mary as the female overall winner from my previous race. She was a integral member of the Wayzata Girls effort to be Minnesota State Champs this past season. They later won Nike Regionals in South Dakota before turning in a fine performance at Nike Nationals where Mary did very well.

Awaiting the gun
I had to listen to her do a little whine prior to this one. Hard workout the day before. Was just going to run and not race this one. Ah-huh. Right. I've heard this all before from the youth I have the privilege to run with. I knew as soon as the race started, she'd be off. And she was, leaping to the front.

As the race had a few early tight turns I had to scramble to get on her shoulder and then attempt to help pace her through Mile One. And then to see her take off just like at Hamel. Plus, I'm not sure the boys liked seeing a female up there showing them up!

The roads were very slushy. We had a big snow storm early in the week. Friday night rain started to move in and the temps were in the mid-30F range. The rain had slowed to a mist when we started the race, and combined with the ongoing melt, the shoes took a beating.

I was really surprised that through the first half mile, Mary and I were cruising along at 5:30 at first, then 5:50 pace. Still, we were both sort of shocked when we hit Mile One at 6-flat.

Mile Two (6:26)

That's when conditioning paid off for Mary, and left me dusted. She went with some of the boys and I just tried to keep my pace comfortable. It was pleasing that I was able to maintain a 6:26 for Mile Two. I'd only had 27 miles total the last 14 days so I thought I had zero chance to be even at this pace.

Mile Three (6:47)

A quick check over my shoulders and we made the last few turns showed I had 300-400 yards on the next person. I had mentally calculated I was sitting in 3rd place in the 50-59 age group, so I just shut it down and put it in cruise mood. There was no sense to try and do anything above and beyond. This was satisfying.


I finished up, got my post-race hug from Mary and greeted a few other folks. And let's hear it for the Male 50-50 age group! Three in the top eight overall, including the race overall winner Pete Kesler.

Post race. Track starts Monday for Mary. I deem her well ahead of the curve.

There is better value than this annual race. $15 gets you a nice T-shirt and medal for top three finish in 10-year increment age groups.

Super Original T-Shirt
Very Large Medal!
Besides being Female Overall Champ, Mary won the 19 & Under AG
Men's 50-59 AG dominated. L-R: Myself (3rd), David Hartz (2nd - 19:46), Pete Kesler (1st & Overall Champ 18:35)
I recommend this race very much. Hope to see you at it next year!

Next Race

March 16 - St. Patrick's Day 5K, Fargo ND. This is doubtful at the moment. Two days removed from the Becker 5K, my right tibia is sore enough to warrant consideration of yet another stress fracture. Rest of racing season TBD.

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