Sunday, February 3, 2013

Race Result: 2013 Hamel 5K (Freeze Your Buns Run)

Event: 2013 Hamel 5K (Freeze Your Buns Run)
Date: Sunday, February 3, 2013
Location: Hamel, Minnesota
Hotel: Home, sweet home
Weather: 5F, moderate winds at 9-10 MPH from WNW making it feel like -8F
Official Results: Typically not posted, but I will post if they do make results available
Previous Results: 2010 - 20:14 (5th overall); 2011 - 19.14 (2nd overall); 2012 - 20:06 (6th overall)

Personal Results

Goal: Sub-20 minutes (6:26 per mile pace)
Actual: 20:10 (6:33 per mile pace)
Overall: 5th (200+?)

Myself with Female Overall Winner Mary Franke


Mile Splits

Can See I was Red Lining the HR

GoPro Video: 

2013 Hamel 5K Freeze Your Buns Run from Brian Maas on Vimeo.

I treated this very low key event like I have the other times I have run it. Simply as a speed workout. I had put in a pretty hard workout the day before, running 3 miles (fartlek style via treadmill), swimming 3000 yards, and biking 12 miles on the wind trainer. I was closing in on eight total workout hours for the week. So I had not tapered at all for the 5K.

We are off!

Mile One (6:12)

Hey, it was cold but not that bad once we started moving. I probably went out too fast, but I'm trying to get back into run shape by the time duathlon/triathlon season start up. Prior to my tibial stress fracture I was running low 18's for a 5K. While I would have liked to have gone sub-20 with this event, in comparing to years past I've made good progress since starting up running again in December. The fact that I could go out in a 6:12 is the real positive I carry away from the race. The stamina to click off sub 6:10 pace consistently through a 5K will come. I need to remember to stay patient, and slowly build up the miles. I do not want to be out for over 9 months again.

I had the added bonus of running with Mary Franke today. She is the daughter of my son's swim team coach, Tom Franke. Tom has given so much to my son that it is a pure pleasure to reciprocate in turn. Mary is a strong runner. Very smooth. She was a integral member of the Wayzata Girls effort to be Minnesota State Champs this past season. They later won Nike Regionals in South Dakota before turning in a fine performance at Nike Nationals where Mary did very well.

So, it did not surprise me to have her on my shoulder through Mile One. And then to see her take off in Mile Two. I thought she might actually take first overall, but was caught at the end. Still, she was easily the female overall champ. I hope to help her along with her training and support her in additional races this year.

Mile Two (6:33)

After we made the 2nd left turn I was already red-lining the HR as you can see in the graphic above. I made one effort to close the distance but just couldn't respond. Mile Two at 6:33 was just fine. It will be under 6:25 at the next event. But I was pretty much dusted at this point.

Mile Three (6:54)

I was passed twice by the time I reached the Mile Three marker, and that was no problem. Again, this was a speed workout. In fact, I went home and hopped on the bike and rode 12 miles on the wind trainer right afterwards. The legs were tired, but I'm heading in the right direction for my first of many duathlons this spring. I can't wait for the warmer temps!

The runners approach the finish

First through Third Approach the Finish


I finished up, got my post-race hug from Mary and greeted a few other folks. The course was run backwards this year, and I sort of preferred it that way, to be honest. Nice downhill pretty much in the beginning and slight climb at the end as you can see by the elevation graphic up above.

Fourth through Sixth Approach the Finish

Crazy ol' coot

That a girl , Mary Franke


There are no awards at this event. It is a simple low-key event, and that is fine by me. It is well run and I will continue to run the event. It has, hands-down, the best race T-Shirt. I really like how they change the color each year and the previous year's temps at displayed on one sleeve.

I recommend this race very much. Hope to see you at it next year!

Next Race

March 9 - Becker Community Center Chase a Leprechaun 5K


Anonymous said...

Any idea where the results are posted?
Fellow Bun Freezer

Brian said...

If past years are any indication, they will post results on the Hamel Lions page at

However, they are taken down eventually. So, just check their site now and then over the next week or so.