Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Totals: Month Ending September 2011

As September hit my focus turned away from triathlons as I completed my last one for 2011 on September 11. And this is reflected in my swim numbers. And I also did my last duathlon for the year, with a nice result in Houston, TX (race recap to come later this week).  So my swim training will be non-existent for a bit while I maintain some bike fitness with some nice outdoor rides before the snow flies. With at least three running events in October, it's all about pounding the pavement at the moment. To the tape:

September 2011 Total Numbers

Total Workout Hours: 36:36:25
Swim Yards - 3500
Bike Miles - 360.63
Run Miles - 130.44 (7:32 per mile avg)
Days Missed to Weather, Injury, Travel or Planned Rest - 4

Compare to last year -
September 2010 Total Numbers

Total Workout Hours: 37:07:57
Swim Yards - 13400
Bike Miles - 321.36
Run Miles - 124.17 (7:39 per mile pace)
Days Missed to Weather, Injury or Planned Rest - 4

Compare to last month -

August 2011 Total Numbers

Total Workout Hours: 38:22:39
Swim Yards - 12650
Bike Miles - 241.68
Run Miles - 170.14 (7:36 per mile avg)

October Events

Oct 8 (signed up) - Fargo Mini Marathon 5K
Oct 22 (signed up) - Lincoln Family Downtown 5K; Phoenix, AZ
Oct 29 (tentative) - 37th Annual Red River Run; Fargo, ND - 15K

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