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Race Result: 2011 Lincoln Family Downtown Y 1/2 Marathon and 5K

Event: 2011 Lincoln Family Downtown Y 1/2 Marathon and 5K
Date: Saturday October 22, 2011
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Hotel: Sanctuary on Camelback
Weather: 70F, sunny, light winds
Official Results: 2011 Overall 5K resultsHalf-Marathon results

Personal Results

Goal: 19:59 (6:25 per mile pace)
Actual: 20:04 (6:27per mile pace)
Overall: 11th overall (293 total); 1st in 50-59 Age Group (16 total)

Garmin - Before you ask how I could run a 18:03 5K two weeks prior and only have a 19:59 goal for this 5K, take a look at the Garmin results. I ran this event last year. I ran 20:09. So I took five seconds off, so I did PR. But the course is long (3.28 miles) and has a hell of an elevation.

233 feet of elevation GAIN in the front half

So, taking in the long course and the brutal climb all of a sudden my numbers (6:08 per mile average per Garmin) brings in a whole other perspective. Using a race pace calculator and 3.28 miles as the distance would have equated to a 19:00 5K. Not my best effort, but being on vacation I didn't really care either!

But I never felt comfy and my legs were dead going into the race. Couple of reasons for this. One, Arizona was experiencing a unseasonal heat wave. The temps while we were there (5 days) were upper 90's. During my training runs leading to the event my throat was really dry just moments into each workout. Dry as a bone Arizona air. It was no different on race day. I found myself drinking water right up to the gun.

Two days before, we tackled a five mile hike to climb Shaw Butte. This was a climb that is moderate in nature but still pretty steep. My butt was sore for days. I had not used those glutes this much all year. Here is that nasty elevation snapshot.

960 feet of elevation gain for Shaw Butte climb

Family Results & Awards:

The Boy® had a terrific race. I made sure he had a proper warm-up, including a series of quick sprints, along with stretching. He had zero issues with the side ache that has been problematic. When I met him as I was coming back from the turn-around he was looking very good and hammering. He crushed his PR on this course from 2010 (28:56). He ran a 26:29 and I'm sure he would have gone under 24 minutes on any other course. He won the Male 12 and Under AG. His time would have equated to a 25:05 5K, just off his PR of 24:34. That's a great time for this hilly course. Like I said, he looked realy good.

The Well Kept Wife© also set a PR over 2010 (30:07) running a 29-flat. No middle finger this time, instead I was invited to run in with her as I had again gone out on the course to see each of the family in. She ran very well in the dry, desert air despite her asthma symptoms to take 2nd in the Female 40-49 AG. Her time would have equated to a 27:28, just off her PR of 25:58.

Boy and Well Kept Wife can be seen here

It was great to once again receive our awards from Wyatt Earp. He is the great-nephew of the famous lawman of the same name. His athletic endeavors include the competition in two Hawaiian Iron man Triathlons, numerous marathons, 10k's and long distance swimming events including the "Escape From Alcatraz". Wyatt also serves on the Phoenix Downtown YMCA board of directors as well as coaches the Y's Master's swim program. In addition he is the race director for the YMCA Half-Marathon, which is the oldest foot race in Arizona. Wyatt also actively volunteers at the Arizona Spinal Injury Association. His wife, Terry, experienced a devastating spinal injury as result of being hit by a vehicle when cycling.

The Boy® receives his first place (12 & Under) medal from Wyatt Earp
The Well Kept Wife© receives her 2nd place (40-49) AG award
1st place in the men's 50-59 AG
Is the shotgun aimed at the Boy or the WKW? We'll never know....

Next event: Oct 29 (signed up) - 37th Annual Red River Run; Fargo, ND - 15K. Should be interesting. This will be my first crack at the 15K distance. Factoring in will be the temperature. Will it be above freezing??!!??

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