Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Race Result: 2011 Du the Bear Duathlon

Event: 2011 Du the Bear Duathlon (USAT)
Date: Sunday October 2, 2011
Location: Houston, TX (Bear Creek Park)
Hotel: Omni Westside Hotel
Weather: 60F, sunny, light winds from NE at 1-3 MPH
Official Results: Overall Results

Personal Results

Goal: 52:30
Actual: 51:22
Overall: 9th overall (259 total); 1st in 50-54 AG (13 total)

This is definitely the last multi-sport report for 2011. I had been thinking about a possible November du down in Fort Worth, like I did last November, but airfare has just gone up tooooo much.

My special thanks to Tim "Buckwheat" Carroll for once again being such a great host during this visit. It was another great trip, Tim!

This was the same course as the Frost 'Yer Fanny from January, only the distances changed a bit. My goal was to hit this one hard in order to better my current USAT duathlon ranking and try to move up into the honorable mention range (top 6-10% nationally) at the end of the year. Here is how I'm sitting right now for du's and tri's:

What I really required was to pop another 90. Pretty sure I will fall short of that, but I left Texas knowing I gave it my best shot. We'll see what the score comes in at.

I think one of the reasons for my success as of late has been to picture myself in the upcoming event. I play it all through in my mind as I'm working out and visualize a great finish. Over time, your thoughts become beliefs, and your beliefs become actions.

To the personal report! Note that I will list my Garmin times along with the official race times in order to give a truer representation of the course distances. But they were pretty much spot on.

Garmin Information

Way too hilly for me!! ;)

Run 1 - 2.0 miles

Goal - 11:40 (5:50 per mile pace)
Garmin Time - 11:25 (5:46 per mile pace) for 1.98 miles
Official Time - 11:24 (5:42 per mile pace); 1st in AG (13 total)

We lined up shortly before 7AM while the sun was still coming up. Sun rise was not slated until 7:15AM, so we began in the predawn, but the light was pretty good.

Wearing the red Gear West colors
I was really surprised how well I ran in the opening in terms of comfort. I was just sort of breezing along and feeling fine. What had worried me was that I had been fighting a right-side stitch on and off all week. So I worked on stretching out the right side pre-race. I had no issues with it during the first run.

This was a straight out-and-back run so I could count that I was in the top 10 during the run. The Garmin was saying 5:20's initially and then eased into the 5:40 range. What I really like was that the legs got stronger as I approached T1.


Goal - 1:00
Official Time - 46.7

I was the first guy to my rack. Each rack had been setup and assigned by age group so this gave me an extra boost of confidence. I didn't have my Old Man stool with me as that would not fit in the carry-on, but I didn't have any issue with the shoes.

Bike - 10 miles

Goal - 26:47 (22.4 MPH)
Garmin Time - 25:57 (22.98 MPH) for 9.94 miles
Official Time- 26:25 (22.7 MPH); 1st in AG (13 total)

Per my Garmin, I essentially hit a 23MPH average for the two five mile loop course. I'm sure I would have easily been over had it not been for the multiple tight 90-degree turns located throughout.

In the background, on start of ride
I was able to keep up a good pace. Had no issues with cramping in the calf area, and really loved that the bike was only 10-miles!


Goal - 1:00
Official Time - 0:57

I came in and again was the first to the rack. It's a great feeling to come back and see no other bikes in your rack knowing you have the lead. What was even better, there was no drunken sailor start to the run. My legs were fresh and hit the road without any bike leg syndrome.

2nd Run - 2.0 miles

Goal- 12:00 (6:00 per mile pace)
Garmin Time - 11:46 (5:58 per mile pace) for 1.97 miles
Official Time - 11:47 (5:54 per mile pace); 1st in AG (13 total)

I didn't think I'd have a shot at going sub-6 minutes for the second run. But again, the run legs were there right from the start. I was starting to suffer a bit from the beginnings of a ride side stitch, but I was able to keep it at bay. I actually think I overstretched it in warmups and have a mild muscle pull there now.


I received a huge plaque for my effort and as an additional prize, a Giant bike floor pump which I actually needed!

And Tim placed 3rd in the Male 55-59 AG, and scored a plaque and a bike seat bag. Very nice!

Next Event:

Oct 8 (signed up) - Fargo Mini Marathon 5K. Not only is the Boy® and Well Kept Wife© running the same event, but we will have a fourth Maas entered. My 70-year old Dad. This oughta be fun.


justinzak said...

Great finish. Maybe airfare will come down and you can still make it to Bronda's in November. That was my first race and I've been following your blog ever since. If you don't make it this year, I'll see you there in February.

bwheat said...

Thanks for the shout out and photo on your site! Had a good time as always. Good luck to you and the rest of the family this weekend in Fargo!