Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Half Century

So. The big 5-0 birthday (April 26). Whoop-dee-do.

I started the day by entering my ballot for a chance to run the 2012 Virgin London Marathon. Heck, due to the pelvic stress fracture I can't even run at the moment, but I won't let that deter me from this possible opportunity. I will find out in early October whether or not I secured a place. It would be nice to treat the 2nd 50-years like the first......running, biking, swimming. I hope to keep competing as long as I possibly can. Or until I keep getting lost on the course.....then we have other issues.

And what does one receive for his 50th?

Honey Stinger products and milk chocolate malt balls!

'Mind the Gap' cuff links!
Additionally, the time-trial bike is back from wintering in Texas where it was kept in the bike corral of Tim "Buckwheat" Carroll. The bike and I were able to race in November in Ft. Worth and January in Houston. We were due to race again at the end of April in Arkansas, but then the stress fracture happened. So Tim shipped her back safe and sound. I dropped it off with the fine staff at Gear West to be put back together and gone over with a fine-toothed comb....just in case I can salvage something of the 2011 season.

The last time I saw the bike was in Texas on Jan 23
 One can gauge their life by the friends they keep. Sampling of wishes no particular order:

Steven Schurtz - Iowan Tri-Geek

"50? Just a kid. Have a great day!"

Chris Hawes - Minnesota Tri-Geek and fellow triathlon blogger 

"Happy Birthday. Hope your body is getting better"

Tim Litzinger - Minnesota Tri-Geek & runner and fellow tri/run blogger

"Happy Birthday Brian!"

Steven Aesoph - North Dakota Tri-Geek, mountain biker, barefoot runner and XTERRA race director

"Happy Birthday!"

Brad Schaack - Jamestown High School '79 alum and puckster

"Happy half century Brian."

Tom Ohe - Jamestown High School '79 alum and track & field/cross country teammate

"Welcome to Club 50 Brian! Happy B-Day."

Mark Publow - Jamestown High School '79 alum and my math muse

"Adding my birthday wishes to so many others. You are holding up very well for the half-century mark!"
Greg Mason - Jamestown High School '79 alum and hoopster

"Brian: Happy 50th Birthday to the guy who always sat in front of me in class."
Mark Gresbach - Wisconsin's Biggest Vikings Fan

"Happy Birthday!"

Julie Cox Wempen - Iowa's Biggest Vikings Fan (whole Wempen family!)

"Happy birthday!"
Jeff Dohn - Brother-in-law
So you are 50! I have a friend who owns a running shoe and apparel store in Missoula, the Runners Edge. He tells me that there is a group of folks who celebrate their birthdays by running their age in distance (miles) in a day. I think for you and I this is somewhat out of line. Maybe bike 50 miles or do 50 push ups or 50 sit ups. Either way, congrats on the big 50.
Juanita Hocking - Sister-in-law and future race-shirt quilt maker

"Happy 50th, Brian! We hope that it's a great day."

Michael Ray Pfeifer - Brother-in-law and the man behind Michael Ray & The Nasty Notes

"Happy Birthday Brian! Have a rockin' day!"
Shane Nackerud - U of M Librarian extraordinaire

"Happy birthday Brian! I hope you do something fun tonight!"

Tony Lloyd - World traveling Welsh friend
"Penblwydd Hapus from Wales, though I am in South Africa."

Suzanne Patras Lancey - Plymouth Swim Team coach

"Happy Birthday!!!!"

Thomas Franke - Plymouth Swim Team coach and Cheesehead

"What a great Minnesota day. Rain, Rain, Rain, and then ... some more rain. Guess you will be biking inside :( Hope the rest of your day is better and that you have a great swim set. 50x50 on the :50 ... that's how you celebrate!")

Note - I did take Coach Tom up on his suggestion and swam 50x50's on 10 sec rest intervals completing the session in 50 mins and change. That was actually fun and poked a finger in the eye of perceived old age. I won't go down that easily!

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