Friday, October 1, 2010

Totals: Month Ending September 2010

Other than losing daylight and experiencing cooler-than-normal weather I thought September went well. I increased my run mileage, dropped my swim mileage, and tried to keep up on my bike workouts.

As far as the highlight of the month, I'll point to the both the Cy-Man Triathlon in Iowa and the Plymouth 5K. The triathlon because it was my last triathlon of the season and I was able to win my age group. The 5K because I met my goal of going under 19-minutes.

This month I have two running events and I hope the weather stays warm to even out the cold September! To the tape.

September 2010 Total Numbers

Total Workout Hours: 37:07.57
Swim Miles - 7.61
Bike Miles - 321.26
Run Miles - 124.17 (7:39 per mile avg)

Compare to last year -

September 2009 Total Numbers

Swim Miles - 3.89
Bike Miles - 301.46
Run Miles - 29.06 (Achilles recovery)

Compare to last month -

August 2010 Total Numbers

Total Workout Hours: 32:43.40
Swim Miles - 10.5
Bike Miles - 287.85
Run Miles - 86.74 (7:47 per mile avg)

Year-To-Date (2010)

Swim Miles - 98.23
Bike Miles - 2659.44
Run Miles - 847.72

Upcoming in October -

Oct 9 - FM Mini Marathon, Fargo - 10K Run
Oct 23 - 42nd Annual Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA Half Marathon + Family 5K Walk & Run, Phoenix, AZ - 5K Run

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Adam Beston said...

If it stays cold up there and still hot up here (ran at 8000 ft without a shirt at 10 am yesterday) your phoenix run might seem pretty warm. Just something to watch for. Great to see that achilles is better and the difference between last year and this.