Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Final Tri Par Score In

All six of my USAT sanctioned triathlons now have par scores with the arrival of the results from the Cy-Man Triathlon. Looks like I will be on the outside looking in when it comes to receiving national honorable mention honors.

All American honors are given to the top five percent in each age group. The next five percent receive Honorable Mention honors. Rankings are far from being final but currently to receive a honorable mention ones par score needs to be at 81.94476. I'm sitting at 81.68141. So close!

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What I'm not sure is how much that will change when the final rankings are provided. You see, to be officially ranked a person has to complete three USAT sanctioned triathlons within the year. There are a number of people ahead of me that have yet to achieve that number. So I could move up....I think. Or even move down. In 2009, HM honors went down to 83.66644 within my age group so I don't hold much hope.

My top three par scores ended up being:
  • Maple Grove - 83.83224
  • Cornman - 81.15399
  • Cy-Man - 80.14603
I guess I should be happy to be close to be in the top 10% in the Male 45-49 Age Group nationally. This was the first year that I tried to get in enough USAT sanctioned triathlons to qualify for a final ranking.

How is everyone else looking? Have you checked your par scores yet? I bet we have some AA or HM's out there!

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Mario said...

Only one of the 3 USAT races I did is showing up (Rochesterfest). Trinona is listed in the drop down of races so I think that will eventually list. However, Chisago Half isn't even in the list. I am suspicisious of that one. Nothing about it seemed USAT and they used Day-Of age. I emailed them about that prior to the race and they said that how they do their AG's, but they will report USAT type results using the correct USAT age criteria. Hmmm...