Friday, September 4, 2009

Minneapolis Duathlon Photos

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The Elite Wave takes off.

It was a sea of bikes in the transition area.

Yours truly during the first 5K.

My NDSU freshman roomie, Bill Poganski, on his first 5K run and looking a lot more fresh than me.

Yours truly taking off from T2 onto the bike course

Bill Nevala, local race director for WinMultiSports, participated for a change.

Yours truly out on the bike course.

Yours truly out on the bike course.

Yours truly coming in off the bike and into T2.

Birds eye view at how it was on the West River Parkway.

Yours truly showing his age during the second 5K.

Bill Nevala on the second run.


cdnhollywood said...

Lookin' good out there!

Bill said...

Actually, it was the second 5K when that picture was taken (I forgot to remove the sunglasses after the bike). I was walking up the first hill due to my left glute muscle cramping after just getting off the bike when I saw the photographer and started running again. I didn't want pictures of me walking around the course. The cramping worked its way out at around the 1 mile mark.

trimybest said...

hey i never get that many great race photos! if im lucky enough to get some i always look fat in them.