Thursday, September 3, 2009

Drool & Slobber Gear of the Week

As some of you know, I've been looking into getting a road bike. Currently I just have the Cervélo P3 for my triathlon/duathlon events and a Cannondale Bad Boy Ultra which is akin to a city bike.

The Cannondale is what gets the most mileage and I really like it....but I do need a road bike. Need being defined in this economy as I am able to wait until I can justify the expense beyond the monthly bills and mortgage.

I have been looking at the Wilier line-up of bikes. I've become quite enamored with their craftsmanship and reasonably low cost when compared to other brands on the market. The Wilier Izoard is what I've been looking at.

The '10 models have just started to come out. Take a look at their time-trial bike for 2010. Make sure you have a towel handy to wipe the drool off your chin.

This is the Wilier Cento1-Crono. I think it is just stunning. MSRP is $4499 for frame/fork. I think that is a very reasonable price for an high-end machine. Not that I'll ever own one. The Cervélo is paid for and set up perfectly for me. But, if money were no object...this Wilier would get some serious consideration from me.



Greenking17 "TRI-harder" said...

Those are beautiful machines. I've seen a couple up close and out on the track but never ridden one! For a good road bike just make sure you have adequate components compared to your TRI bike or you will never ride the new machine cause it just won't be good or fast enough...

my .02!

Adam Beston said...

I use 5 mm longer cranks on my road bike, something else to think about. Different position and different muscles so might as well get the most out of it. I also have a nice cross bike that can be a ok road bike(used it in my crit). Takes studded tires too if you need that up there in the Tundra)