Sunday, January 13, 2013

Race Result: 2013 Sasquatch Shuffle 5K Snowshoe Race

Event: 2013 Sasquatch Shuffle 5K & 10K
Date: Sunday January 13, 2013
Location: Afton State Park in Hastings, MN
Hotel: Home, sweet home
Weather: 4F, moderate winds at 10 MPH from WSW making it feel like -7F
Official Results: 2013 Overall Results (updated 1/16 from race director as below)


  1. Quie, David 23:10.0
  2. Graupner, Jim 25:06.0
  3. Maas, Brian 26:17.0
  4. Sukow, Jody 27:43.0
  5. McGraw, Dennis 28:03.0
  6. Sukow, Fay 32:03.0
  7. Dabelstein, Alex 32:19.0
  8. Rechtzigel, Jacob 32:53.0
  9. McCaffrey, Elizabeth 33:38.0
  10. Marthaler, Summer 35:38.0
  11. Given, Lisa 39:35.0
  12. Given, Jeff 39:36.0
  13. LORENZEN, LISA 40:50.0
  14. Lorenzen, Aaron 42:26.0

  1. McDonell, Jim 50:10.0
  2. Trainor, Lisa 52:42.0
  3. Segar, Tom 55:48.0
  4. Canham, Brad 1:05:39
  5. Kozak, Darryn 1:06:34
  6. Grund, Michael 1:07:34
  7. Nelson, Wayne 1:10:22
  8. Ogden, Pam 1:11:49
  9. Plummer, Laura 1:13:20
  10. Smith, Phillip Gary 1:18:37

Personal Results

Actual:  26:17
Overall: 3rd (14 total)

Start of the 5K


Elevation and Heart Rate


GoPro Video

In order to view the entire course, you will find the speed at 3x normal speed save for a few sections where the speed is normal or in semi-slow motion.

2013 Sasquatch Shuffle 5K from Brian Maas on Vimeo.

Race Summary

Yup, I did it for the T-shirt. We've been watching Finding Bigfoot all winter and had to have the shirt. All three of us signed up, however only I made it to the race given the weather and course conditions.

The race was held in Afton State Park, which was easy enough to find. The location of the race was a bit more challenging. Luckily, I allowed myself an extra 30-minutes otherwise I would not have made the start line.

The weather, while cold, was not that bad. Once we descended down into the valley and were out of the wind it was quite comfortable. The course was pretty bad, however. There had been a January thaw all preceding week which had reduced the snow to crunchy slog or just pure ice. I'm sure you can pick it up in the video.

There was a lot of pre-race discussion over using snow-shoe, or running shoe. I eventually opted to use just a running shoe. I had though about getting some Yaktrax earlier in the week, but never got the chance. Most of the runners used this method in the race, including the two runners who finished ahead of me. They were much more stable on the ice and much more sure-footed going downhill. I was limited to running on the side of the trail where I could bite into the crunchy snow and resorted to walking down the steep hills, often reaching out to a tree for support.

This would be a very nice snowshoe course, when snow is available. If the conditions are ripe, I would consider doing this low-key event next year as a chance of pace from the normal races I do.

Next Race

Jan 19 - Yukon Days One Mile Run on White Bear Lake


Adam Beston said...

I would love to do a snowshoe race on some deep snow that had not been groomed. Maybe if we end up at St Scholastica in Duluth I might get the chance.

bwheat said...

Hard to tell from the video but did you not get lost on that trail! Looked like you were making your own route through the trees and bushes. Anybody do the 10k?

Jody said...

Brian, i finished 4th in that race. It was pretty awesome that you got that on camera! Thank you for posting it!